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All About Cricket Guide

Almost everybody loves to play cricket, and for most of them, cricket is a piece of cake. But it remains hard to explain when it comes to beginners. The basic information we have gathered makes all about cricket easy to understand.

Basically, cricket is a national sport that has its origin in British. Like all other games, cricket also has two different teams with eleven players in each team. The game starts with a toss in which the winning team will decide whether they want to bat or bowl first. To know further about the game, let’s dive into it.

All about Cricket: Some Basics

Cricket is an international sport; almost every country has its cricket team. So this means everybody should have some knowledge about cricket and how to play it. But for those who don’t know about anything, we have concluded some basic points that will help you better understand.

  • The game’s main aim is to score more runs from the opposite team to win.
  • Both teams get a chance to bat and bowl, called innings.
  • There is an oval field in which the batting team can hit the ball with the bat and score as many runs as possible.
  • The opposite team will be bawling, so they should try to out the batter by either catching the ball or hitting the wicket during the batter is running to make runs.
  • Once all the batters are out, it’s time for the bowling team to bat and beat the runs.
  • The number of innings depends on the format of the match, which we will discuss later.
  • Whoever scores more runs will win the match, and the match will be drawn in case of having the same score.
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Different Formats Of Cricket:

Below we have discussed most common formats of cricket;

Test match:

These types of matches are for five days; each day, they have five to six hours to play. These types of matches have a formal break for tea and lunch so they can play with the same energy. They also get a short break between the innings. The players of the test match are dressed in white and have red cock balls to play with.

One-Day Match:

This match format has a properly planned duration with a minimum of 50 overs for each team to bawl. The players for this format are dressed in either white or colored clothing. Hence the players wearing colored clothing will have a white ball. But if they wear white, they will play with the red ball.


You can call it Twenty20 because these matches have limited innings for each team with twenty overs so that they can finish a whole match in a single evening. The players will wear a colored dress and will use a white ball.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Cricket?

We all know cricket is a game with hours of recreation and is best for developing social skills but what we do not know is that it also has many health benefits.

Cricket training has a lot of exercises for building stamina and endurance. So this also will give a lot of benefits in your daily life. No doubt, playing cricket will help you stay away from many heart diseases.

Playing cricket is a lot like doing cardio which is best for your heart health. More than that, cricket will help you develop other skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and flexibility, and also good for maintaining muscle tone.

Equipment You Will Need Before Playing:

As we all know, the basic things we need to start playing are a bat and a ball. But what about a wicket that will tell you the batter is out and it’s time for the next batter to come for batting? Apart from that, there is also a major need to wear safety gear because while playing cricket, you can easily get injured.

Especially the batter and wicketkeeper are more exposed to getting injuries because the bowl is coming straight to them. Hence always maintain safety while you are playing cricket by wearing safety gear.


  1. What is cricket tea?

Cricket tea is basically a British thing. During this break, spectators and cricketers are treated to delightful food, including various sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, scones with cream and jam, Victoria sponges, fruit cakes, and jam tarts, and all of these foods have one compulsory thing which is tea. This tea is served in a cup and saucer, a traditional way to drink tea.

  • How many overs are there in each match?

There are different numbers of overs in each format of the match. This means the number of innings varies in the T20, one-day match, or test match. In the one-inning match, each team gets 50 overs, and the match is extended for 5 to 6 hours. In addition to this, matches that are played for 5 to 6 days have around 450 overs.

  • How many umpires are there in a match?

All cricket matches have only two umpires, who are also called on-field umpires. The matches with television cameras have a third umpire who is not on-filed but gives its judgments from watching the match on cameras. On-field umpires have different locations; one stands at the opposite end of the batter.


This was all about the cricket game; in short, cricket is all about fun. It is very beneficial for your health, gives you lots of stamina and endurance, and builds various skills. Cricket is an international game; almost every country has trained players who play to win the trophy for their country.

In addition, all eleven players of each team have one captain who is responsible for making different decisions. Hence almost 80% of the game depends on the strategies planned by the captain and followed by his team. Always remember that safety comes first when playing cricket because there is a high chance of getting serious brain injuries, so don’t forget to wear safety gear.

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