How To Teach Cricket To Kids And Beginners?

Cricket is one of the loved outdoor game which is not only played for fun but also help to maintain your health. Adults and kids enjoy playing cricket because it is easy to learn and also easy Teach Cricket. It is the best way for children’s get together and have fun.

So if you are finding the best outdoor game for your kids, consider cricket. This article has covered every single point which will help you to Teach Cricket to your kid or learn cricket as a beginner.

Teach Cricket

How To Teach Cricket: Basics Rules To Know

There are a few basic rules you have to learn before you start to play cricket. Make sure to understand all the rules carefully, as they will help you in your future game.

  • Cricket is between two teams having eleven players in each team.
  • A single match has a minimum of one inning in which each team gets a chance to bat, bowl or field at once.
  • The fielder team will through the ball towards the batter and try to out by hitting the wicket, catching the shot hit by the batter, and hitting the batter’s leg, called LBW.
  • In the opposite place, the batter will try to score as many runs as possible, including running between the wicket before the bowler hits the wicket, hitting the boundary wall along the ground, or full, which will equal 4 and 6 runs.
  • The fielding team should get out ten batters before changing them and starting to bat.
  • The game’s main aim is to score as many runs as possible; in the end, the team with more runs will win the game.

Basic Cricket Skills:

When you finally know the basic rules to follow, it will increase the confidence and interest of the kid or beginner. You should understand a few basic skills, which will later help you in each of your matches.

  • A player should be able to throw or catch the ball
  • If you are ready to play, you should understand how to handle the bat.
  • Good hand and eye coordination will later help you pay better attention.
  • In long time intervals, a player should be able to pay concentration for a longer time.

Make sure that the ability to concentrate will be mastered with time so pay attention to the exercises. However, there are different coaching campuses and practice areas for kids and beginners. But you can train your kid or get trained as a beginner by practicing a few exercises which have been given down below.

How To Teach Cricket : 3 Best Practice Exercises

When a kid or a beginner finally decides to play cricket, it is very important to get trained because cricket is a game in which your whole body is involved. A few practice exercises for batting, bowling, and fielding will help you become an expert.

How To Teach Cricket: Batting Technique:

Practice always helps you to get perfect, so make sure to repeat the given exercises. And them in your daily routine.

To start practicing to get good control on your bat, stand about 4 meters away from a concrete wall and hit the ball on the wall, and when it bounces back, hit the ball once again.

While hitting the ball, make sure to stand straight and keep your elbow up while hitting in a way that the ball bounces once before hitting the wall. Try to use the golf ball to increase difficulty.

How To Teach Cricket: Fielding Technique:

There is an old saying, “Catches win matches:” which goes right because your hand and eye coordination are very important throughout the match.

So to practice catching, place two balls in front of the wall at least 3 meters away from the wall. Now pick up one ball, hit it on the wall, and clap your hands before catching it.

Put the ball again on the ground and mark for 10 meters away, and run towards the second ball. Repeat the process by picking the balls, hitting the wall, and then running towards the second ball. Keep doing it, and make aim not to drop the ball.

How To Teach Cricket: Bowling Technique:

Always start slowly because learning a proper bowling technique isn’t that easy for beginners.

Mark a wicket point and stand just in front of it. Hold the ball through both of your hands under your chin, now transfer your weight from front foot to back foot in a smooth motion.

Now extend your arm so that when you move forward, let your front arm extend, pull it down, and let your back arm extend on your head. It’s to release the ball toward the marked wicket.

Other Tips:

Always watch your favorite bawlers and batters closely to know about their techniques. Patience is a very important component when you are practicing to be perfect. Follow all the techniques mentioned above or exercises because you have to be strong before jumping into the field.


How to explain cricket to a child?

Cricket is a game between two teams having eleven players in each team. This game is played using a bat and ball on the large field known as the ground.

Each team gets a chance to bat and ball and score a run. The runs are scored when the batter hits the ball with a bat and runs between the wickets. In the end, the team with more scores wins the game.

What is the basic concept of cricket?

Although the rules of cricket are a bit different than baseball, both games have the same aim. The batting team will try to make maximum runs, while the fielding team will try to put all the batters in a single inning.

Which country invented cricket?

An expert believes cricket may have been invented in the time of Saxon and Norman. By the kids living in the wild of southeast England.


In sum, Its pretty simple and easy to Teach Cricket. No doubt Cricket is an easy game. It only requires time and patience because no one is born an expert. That is why as a kid or beginner, if you are interested in playing cricket, always pay attention to the key skills. And follow the techniques mentioned above to get complete command of batting, bowling, and fielding.

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