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Exploring The Different Cricket Formats

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with its fans increasing day by day. The sport has been played for over a century. It represents the rivalry between two countries, sportsman spirit, and guides us on how to follow the rules.

In the initial era of cricket, every team played around 100 overs a day with eight deliveries involved in an over. It is relatable to the current test format, but actually, it is very different. Nowadays, there are 3 Cricket Formats, each with its own rules and regulations. 

With that said, let’s explore the three distinct formats of cricket, the reason behind their popularity, and how they are evolving over time.

What Are the 3 Types of Cricket Formats?

In the modern era, there are three types of Cricket Formats, T20, Test, and ODI, played internationally. You must be aware of these formats to enjoy the sport with a grip of knowledge.



The T20 cricket format is revolutionizing cricket by storm. It first appeared on the screens in 2005 when Australia gained a clear victory against Newzealand. 

In this format, the batting team takes center stage for 20 overs, aiming to score as many runs as possible and set a challenging target for their opponents. Then, the other team takes the field with the mission of chasing down the target in the same overs. If the game ties, the winner is decided by a super over. 

Why is T20 the Most Popular Cricket Format?

Currently, the Cricket Format are even more popular than ever, and that’s for a reason. It takes just 3 hours to complete, allowing people with busy schedules to enjoy the game. It gives a fast-paced and action-packed experience that makes this format appealing to more crowds.

Players entertain the fans by showcasing their skills, hitting big shots, and displaying an energetic feel on the pitch. From nail-biting finishes to unpredictable turnarounds, the format has many reasons for its popularity.

Popular T20 Leagues Played Worldwide

From the lay of its foundation, the ICC organizes tournaments in the t20 format after every few years. Even on the domestic level, different leagues attract several fans by organizing matches in t20 formats. The most popular ones include IPL (Indian Premiere League), PSL (Pakistan Super League), and BBL (Big Bash League).

Future of T20: Will It Keep Prospering?

What about its future? According to the predictions and the current situation, this format has a bright future. It uses new technologies such as DRS and drone cameras to make the results more accurate. So it is sure that t20 cricket will continue to thrill its fans for years to come.

One Day International – (ODI)

Exploring The Different Cricket Formats

In limited-overs cricket, the ODI is the only format after T20 to entertain its fans. As the name suggests, the format is for one day with a limit of 50 overs.

In this format, the first batting side must make as many runs as possible with 10 wickets. If the other team succeeds in chasing the target, it will win; otherwise, the victory is for the first batting side.

Foundation of ODI Format

The ODI format became popular a half-century ago when Australia and England played a test match at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). However, the rain ruined the first 3 days of the match.

Instead of abandoning the match, officials arranged a 40-over inning match consisting of 8 deliveries in an over. From there, the format actually entered the world of limited-overs cricket.

The ICC organizes an ODI world cup every 4 or 5 years, with Australia and India winning the most trophies. In the last world cup (2019), England and Newzealand faced each other in the final, and they went to super over. It was a suspenseful match, with Newzealand winning the hearts and England winning the trophy.

Future of ODI 

The format was popular in recent years, but it has declined gradually since the start of the covid pandemic. Maybe it is because no international event (except bilateral series) has been held in this format for a long time. 

So will it be impactful in the future? Well, it is hard to say because, at the moment, T20 is the format ruling over the sport. T20 can not replace ODI completely, as ODI has given us some precious moments in the past, and the vibrancy for the format is still in the fan’s hearts.


Exploring The Different Cricket Formats

The most overlooked format but the starting point of cricket is the test. The oldest form of cricket was first played by Australia and a visiting team of England at MCG in 1977. In this format, there are 5 days for the completion of matches. 

It consists of 4 innings, and the batting side has to score as many runs as possible irrespective of overs with ten wickets in hand. The team that scores the most runs in all the innings combined wins the match. 

Why Is Test Match Popularity Declining?

The popularity of test matches has declined for a few years for several reasons. As we discussed earlier, a test match would last as long as 5 days, and not many spectators are ready for this enormous time commitment.

Also, test matches might lack competitive spirit. Most matches become one-sided after a point, making the audience lose interest in the game.

Future of Test Format 

The future of this cricket format remains uncertain. It’s a highly respected and traditional game form, but it has to face particular challenges in declining interest and viewership. 


How many formats of cricket are there?

There are three formats in cricket; ODI, T20, and test, which different nations play on the international level. They are all distinct in terms of rules, overs, and playing styles.

Which is the best format for cricket?

According to the current situation, the T20 format is the most popular and best in cricket. It is the latest format of cricket.

Why is the red ball not used in T20?

The white ball has a smoother texture than the red ball, allowing it to swing at early stages and spin after powerplays. So it is better for limited-over formats than the red ball.

Wrapping Up 

In conclusion, fans have seen cricket evolve into several formats over the year, but the T20, ODI, and test will always remain superior.

Each format has its own set of challenges and rewards for the players while they continue to entertain the fans of this sport. With these formats in action, we see a bright future for cricket as it will evolve for the better.

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