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One Day International Cricket Records

The top four Associate members of the International Cricket Council (ICC), in addition to international cricket teams who are Full Members, participate in One Day International (ODI) games. 

Contrary to Test matches, one inning is contested for every team in ODIs, which have a cap of 50 overs each inning (even though in history, it has sometimes exceeded 55 or 60 overs).

Unbreakable One Day International Cricket Records:

There are several unbreakable ODI records in the history of cricket. Below are a few examples:

One Day International Bowling’s Best Figures

Chaminda Vaas’ return versus Zimbabwe in 2001 is unlikely to be challenging to match, given that an ODI today can only include a total of 60 deliveries. 

Taking eight wickets at 19 runs, the talented left-armer bowled well. Or, to look at it another way: eighty percent of the African team’s wicket, as they were knocked for 38 runs off just 15.4 overs. 

Vaas’ ODI record stats are probably to be surpassed anytime soon, regardless of the fact that the opponent was a relatively weaker team.

Best Performance By A Nightwatchman

Most of their lives are devoted to standing in fields, watching the opponent bat, tired out of their wits as pro cricketers. As a result, it would be fascinating to learn what the Bangladesh fielders were contemplating as Australia’s nightwatchman Jason Gillespie struck an incredible unbroken 201 in their 2006 Test match.

However, this absolutely phenomenal inning in Chittagong would be challenging to beat. “Dizzy” concluded his career with a respectable tail-average ender of 19.59. in light of the fact that a nightwatchman’s primary responsibility is to remain on the wicket for a couple of overs at the closing of the day.

In A Single Inning, Most Balls Delivered

After his heroic actions versus England in 1957 in Edgbaston, Sonny Ramadhin should have wanted an ice bath. The second inning saw the spinner deliver the most shots ever delivered in a single inning, 98 overs, and an astounding figure. 

In recent times, Zimbabwe’s Ray Price’s tricky 79 overs in a Test match with South Africa in 2001 marks the best anyone has come.

Most International Wickets

Considering the typical amount of time an international cricketer stays at the top, Muttiah Muralitharan’s impressive career wicket total almost seems unattainably high. With 1,347 victims, notably 800 in Test games and 547 in white-ball tournaments, the spinner terrified batters for the entire span of two decades.

Given that Murali is still 346 wickets above Shane Warne, who is his nearest contemporary, it will require a special kind of career even to come even close to this total.

Oldest Test Cricketer

Oldest Test Cricketer

Wilfred Rhodes, a famous all-around player from England, might hold three unbreakable records. However, given that players no longer play nearly as much first-class cricket as they used to, only one record will suffice in order to add some variation to this list.

At the grand old age of 52 years & 165 days, the Yorkshireman is the oldest person ever to play Test cricket. He is renowned for starting at the bottom of England’s batting lineup and ending as the opener. This milestone will be different from the present era, as players are usually gone by the end of their thirties.

Most Sixes In One Day International:

Shahid Afridi is known to have the highest number of sixes in one day of international cricket. He has a total of 351 sixes in a total of 369 innings.

Player (team)Sixes Innings 
Shahid Afridi (Pak)351369
Chris gayle (wi)331294
Sanath jayasuriya (sl)210433
Rohit Sharma (ind)244220
Ms dhoni229294

Fastest Fifty In One Day International Cricket Records:

AB De Villiers has achieved the fastest fifty in one-day international cricket in only 16 matches. The match was between South Africa and West Indies in Johannesburg. The second-fastest fifty in one-day international cricket was achieved by Sanath Jayasuriya in 17 balls. 

This match was between Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Singapore in the 1996 world cup. Kusal Perera, the Sri Lankan batter scored the third-fastest fifty in ODI cricket in 17 balls against Pakistan in 2015.

Highest Score In ODI:

Team Against Score Venue Won 
England Australia481//6Nottingham England 
England Pakistan 444/3Nottingham England 
Sri LankaNetherland 443/9Amstelveen Sri lanka 
South AfricaWest indies 439/2Johannesburg SA 
South AfricaAustralia 438/9Johannesburg SA

Most Runs Scored In An ODI Carrier:

An Indian batter, Sachin Tendulkar is marked to be the person to score the highest mark and the most centuries in one-day international cricket. He is marked to achieve a total of 34357 runs with 18426 runs in ODI cricket.

Player (team)Runs Innings 
Sachin Tendulkar (ind)18426452
Kumar sangakkara (ind)14234404
Ricky ponting (aus)13704365
Sanath jayasuriya (sl)13430433
Mahela jayawardene (sl)12650418

Most Centuries In ODI :

An Indian batter, Sachin Tendulkar is known to hold the title for scoring the most centuries in one day international cricket record. He is renowned to have scored 49 centuries in 463 innings of ODI cricket.

Player (team)100s Matches 
Sachin tendulkar (ind)49463
Virat Kohli (ind)43254
Ricky Ponting (aus)30375
Rohit sharma (ind)29227
Sanath jayasuriya (sl)28445

The Most Wickets Taken In ODI Cricket:

Muttiah Muralitharan, a Sri Lankan wicket-taker, holds the title of the player having the most wickets taken in one-day international cricket record list.

Player Wickets Team Matches 
M Muralitharan534Sri lanka350
Wasim Akram 502Pakistan 356
Waqar younas 416Pakistan 262
Chaminda vass400Sri lanka 398
Shahid afridi395Pakistan 398


Whether set or surpassed, One Day International Cricket records have always captivated the interest of its ardent supporters worldwide. In this article, you’ll find the most recent information regarding all of the world records for cricket which have been recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in One Day International (ODI), Test, and World Cup games. 

Because of its remarkable world records, which are frequently featured in the news, cricket, the second-most popular sport, has consistently come to the forefront of fans.

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