Babar Azam Bio

Babar Azam: Achievements of a Modern Cricket Maestro

We present to your attention a selection of information about Babar Azam, one of the best Pakistani cricketers to date. Despite his young age, the athlete will turn 30 only in 2024, and his sports career deserves respect.

Being talented by nature, Babar Azam, thanks to his perseverance and character, managed not only to become a star of Pakistani cricket, but also an international player. The successes and achievements of this cricketer will go down in the history of Pakistani cricket. His role in the development and popularization of cricket in the international arena cannot be overestimated.

Babar Azam is the current captain of the Pakistan national cricket team. A player with a limited number of overs and the most productive player with the bat. The athlete holds high places in the ICC ranking for games in all formats. Azam took the first place in the TWENTY20I. Behind him is the 3rd place in the One Day International format and the 5th place in the ranking of players in tests with the bat in the ICC.

Today, Azam represents the Karachi Kings team, which plays in the Pakistan Super League, and is the captain of the Central Punjab team playing domestic cricket.

Biography of Babar Azam

Mohammad Babar Aza is a Pakistani cricketer. The nickname of an athlete in sports circles is “Bobby” or “Babar Sher”. Babar Azam was born on October 15, 1994 in Lahore, the capital of the Pakistani state of Punjab.


Babar Azam comes from a Muslim family that has lived in Lahore all his life. The future captain of the national team spent his childhood in this large, second largest city of Pakistan.

The great merit that the young man connected his life with cricket and became an international player belongs to his father Azam Siddiq. It was Babar’s own father who supported him in his quest to learn how to play cricket and devote himself entirely to this game.

Despite the fact that the family in which Babar was born belonged to the middle class, he cannot be called prosperous and carefree. My father had a watchmaking workshop in Lahore and the income from a modest business was barely enough to pay for housing and food. Nevertheless, the family found the means to pay for the future legend’s studies in elementary school. The first place of study for the future cricketer was the international school of the Lords system, whose graduates received the right to continue their studies at prestigious institutions in Pakistan.
Thanks to his father, Babar got acquainted with cricket. Even at the age of 5, Babar attended the matches of Lahore cricket teams.

There is very little information about the mother of the future cricket star. According to some sources, at one time she worked as a maid in one of the fashionable districts of Lahore, but most of the time she was engaged in housework and raising children.

In addition to his father, his cousins Kamran and Umar Akmal actively participated in Babar’s upbringing. Looking at their cricket practice, the young man joined the game himself. With the help of his brothers, Azam soon became interested in cricket himself, learning the basics of this sport.

Studying at the University

After graduating from primary school, Babar Azam first goes to college at the University of Punjab, and then becomes a student at this prestigious university. This was facilitated by the successful completion of primary school and success in sports. Even in his school years, the young man had already managed to prove himself in cricket, which did not go unnoticed by the scouts of the university team.

From that moment on, Babar starts full-fledged training at the cricket academy, plays for the college team. From this moment, the career of the future champion and record holder begins. He was inspired by the matches of the Pakistan home series in 2006-2008, which the young man attended enthusiastically.


The first coach of the young player was his uncle Ravi Saddik. It was he who suggested Babar his place in the game, it was his uncle who considered the young man’s talent as a batsman. His journey began with the Under-15 World Championship in 2008.

When did babar azam debut?

The player’s first appearances in cricket are associated with the Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd team. Babar played domestic cricket for this club for three years, from 2010 to 2013. After that, the Islamabad Leopards club became his team, the colors of which he defended from 2012 to 2015 as a novice player.
Babar Azam’s debut in adult cricket came in the match “National Bnk” against “ZTBL”, which took place in Sialkot from December 10 to 13, 2010.

After these two clubs, a young and promising player was invited to play first-class cricket for the State Bank of Pakistan team. For the first time, Babar participates in his first Quaid-e-Azam Trophy tournament, playing cricket for the Sui Southern Gas Company team.

At the age of 18, the player played his first match in the Pakistan U-19 youth national team in 2012.
ODI debut

Babar Azam Cricketer

Babar Azam made his ODI debut on 31 May 2015 in the third match against Zimbabwe. Thus, Azam made his first international debut on 31 May in the third ODI match. The result of his first participation in a one-day match is one fifty, 54 runs and 60 balls. With such achievements, he was immediately invited to play in the next series against Sri Lanka. During his participation in the ODI series, Azam scored 37 points, playing two matches.

After these matches, Azam was rushed to be included in the squad for the away ODI series against Zimbabwe, scheduled for September 2015. Following the away series of matches against Zimbabwe, the player remained in the team to participate in home matches against the British. In the first match of the ODI series, he managed to score 62 goals. Thanks to this result, the Pakistani team won.

In the other three matches, the player scored 4, 22 and 51 points, respectively. During the series, Azam scored 139 runs, which is an average of 46.33 per game per match.

Next year, Babar Azam goes on a tour of New Zealand. In his first ODI match, he scored 62 runs and managed to score 76 goals. Despite the fact that Pakistan lost this match by a difference of 70 points, the series as a whole ended favorably for the guests. Babar Azam scored 145 runs in 2 innings in this series.

In the summer of 2016, during a series of matches against England, the player scored only 122 points. During the same period, the cricketer played in two ODI matches against Ireland. This time, Pakistan beat the Irish by 255 runs, thereby setting a record for the most runs in the ODI format. In these matches, Babar Azam’s contribution to the success of the team amounted to 29 points. The second match of the series was stopped due to bad weather conditions, so Pakistan won the series with a score of 1-0.

After this victory, the young cricketer was enrolled in the team for the next series of matches against Indonesia. In his first match of the series, Babar made his first hundred, scoring 120 goals and receiving the title of the best player of the match. In the second match of the ODI series, the player made another hundred, scoring 123 goals against his opponent. In the third match, the record is back, again a hundred and 117 goals. The number of runs is more than 300. As a result, Pakistan won a convincing victory in the series.
In this series, Babar made 360 runs in three matches.

ICC Debut

Babar Azam made his international cricket debut in 2016. First there was the England–Pakistan T20I match, which took place in Manchester on September 7, 2016.

In test cricket, the Pakistani made his debut in the matches against Indonesia, which took place from October 13 to 17 in Dubai (UAE). The result of the young player is 69 runs on the first serve. Babar became the first player who managed to score more than 50 points in the first opening match.

International career

Babar Azam continued his ascent to the sports Olympus in 2017. Already in January 2018, the Pakistani becomes the fastest player in the third ODI series against Australia. He has 1,000 runs and a century in his fifth ODI match against Australia.
After these matches, Babar gets a place in the TOP 10 best batsmen in the ODI format.

In the same year, Azam takes part for Pakistan in ODI matches against India as part of the tournament
«Champions Trophy 2017». There are 46 goals in the player’s piggy bank. Then there were three matches in the T20I format as part of the ICC Championship tour. Azam became the best in the series again, scoring a total of 179 matches.

In the first match of the T20I format, Azam played at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, which he still remembered well from early childhood. In this match, Azam scored 86 points, and Pakistan eventually won by 20 points. In the next two matches, Azam scored 45 and 48 points, respectively.

However, not everything was so smooth in the career of the young rising cricket star. In the autumn of 2017, Babar Azam takes part in tests against Sri Lanka and this time he was unsuccessful. In two tests, the player earned only 39 points.

As for the performances in the ODI format, Azam was more successful here. During the season, the player earned 7 ODI centuries and became the fastest ODI player with the bat.
In 2017, the athlete is awarded the title of the best player of Pakistan in the ODI format. He was included for the first time in the 2017 ICC World ODI XI Best cricketers squad.

In 2018, Babar Azam suffered another setback. On the tour of New Zealand, the athlete made only 31 runs in ODI matches. As a result, Pakistan lost by a score of 0:5. To date, this is the worst series in the career of a young player.

The Pakistani showed very different results in the T20I series. As a result, Pakistan, thanks to Babar’s efforts, won the match with a score of 2:1. The Pakistani receives the title of the best batsman.

In a test match against England in the spring of 2018, Babar suffers an arm injury. As a result, the player is diagnosed with a fractured wrist and a broken forearm. However, the period of treatment and recovery was short-lived. Already in the summer, the player takes part in the ODI series against Zimbabwe. The results of Babar’s performances were also good. There are 184 wounds and 76 heads in his piggy bank. Moreover, the Pakistani player got 106 runs in the final.

After a successful series with Zimbabwe in the fall of 2018, he was invited to participate in the Asian Cup, which was held in OA. Alas! Babar’s performance at such a grandiose tournament was not brilliant for her. The player scored only 156 points in all matches.

However, a month later, in a test against New Zealand, Babar Azam gets his first century in test matches.

Right before the start of the World Cup, the Pakistan national team played a series in the T20I format against England. Azam scored 65 goals in five matches of the series. As a result, the player became the top scorer of the series, having managed to score 277. The athlete has two centuries and one fifty on his account.

Participation in the 2019 World Cup

In the spring of 2019, a new stage began in the career of the 23-year-old cricketer. He was included in the Pakistan national team for the Cricket World Cup. As a result, after the World Cup, the ICC International Council included Babar Azam in the list of the five best debutants of the World Cup.

After the World Cup, Pakistan played ODI with New Zealand again. This time, Azam earned 300 points. Moreover, in the match against New Zealand, the Pakistani earned his 10th century, and Pakistan beat the New Zealanders in the number of wickets.

The national team of Pakistan won the tournament five times. Babar’s achievements in all five matches are as follows:

  • in the match against England, the Pakistani scored 63 points;
  • 69 points in the match against South Africa;
  • There are 45 points in the game against Afghanistan;
  • There are 96 points in the match against Bangladesh.
  • The match against New Zealand, in which Babar scored 101 points, was the best in his career.

In the autumn of 2019, in the home series against Sri Lanka, Babar becomes vice-captain, both in ODI and T20I format. After the Pakistanis won the first ODI, success came in the series, which Pakistan won 2-0. “Bobby” earned his next 1,000 points in the second ODI and became the fastest Pakistani player to make 1,000 runs in a season.

This victory allowed Babar to become Pakistan’s T20I captain in the autumn of 2019 before the series in Australia.
At the end of 2019, Pakistan visited Sri Lanka to participate in a two-match test series. Babar played well in the first test, but because of the rain, all efforts went down the drain. As a result, the match ended in a draw. In the second test match, he scored 60 and 100, ending the entire series with 262 runs. As a result, Pakistan won the series 1-0.

In January 2020, Babar again, for the second time, became a participant in the ICC World ODI XI 2019. In the winter of 2020, Bangladesh came to visit Pakistan to host a three-match T20I series. It was Babar Azam who brought the Pakistani national team to the field with a 2-0 victory. This success was the first in the history of the famous athlete who played as captain.

In the summer of 2020, Pakistan went to England for a test. In general, the series ended unsuccessfully for the Pakistanis. As for Babar, his success is 195 runs per series and two fifty.
In the second match against England in the T20I, the Pakistani becomes the fastest player with the bat. The player finished the series with 77 runs in two innings. Pakistan eventually drew 1-1.

The next home series in the ODI against Zimbabwe ended with a 2-1 victory for Pakistan. The hero of this article scored 221 points, including a century. In the first T20I against Zimbabwe, the famous cricketer scored 82 points and became a batsman with 1,000 points.

In the autumn of 2020, Babar received the title of captain of Pakistan for the test in New Zealand, but failed to play in this series. A thumb injury during training caused the players to be eliminated from the national team.

Achievements to Date

In the spring of 2021, Babar scored his first T20I goal, earning his century against South Africa. In the third match in the T20I format against Zimbabwe, “Bobby” became the fastest player, managing to score 2,000 runs.

In the autumn of 2021, the players are appointed captain of Pakistan for the ICC T20 World Cup. At the end of the tournament, Babar receives the title of the first batsman in the T20 ranking. In this World Cup, the Pakistani cricketer earned 4 fifties and made 303 runs. Thanks to the skill of the captain, Pakistan made it to the semi-finals, where they still lost to the Australian national team.

In the spring of 2022, Australia visited Pakistan for a test. Babar scored 196 points in the second match of the series, falling just short of a double century. Again, in the match against Australia at Gaddafi’s home stadium in Lahore, he became the fastest cricketer from Asia. His score is 4000 points. A little later, in the second ODI match, Babar becomes the first captain of Pakistan to score a century in a game against Australia. The decisive match of the series brought another century to the strong cricketer, which eventually brought victory to Pakistan in the series with a score of 2:1. This victory over Australia was the first in Pakistan’s history in an ODI series.

In April 2023, the first T20I match against New Zealand was the 100th of Babar’s career. This is the third such achievement in the history of Pakistan. In the next match, the great athlete made another century in T20I, scoring 101 points from 58 pitches. As a result, Babar’s piggy bank was replenished with the title of the first captain who has three centuries in T20I. Pakistan won against New Zealand as a result of Azam’s efforts.

In May 2023, playing the 4th ODI against New Zealand, Babar becomes the fastest batter, receiving 5,000 points. In the same game, the Pakistani player scored his 10th century in the ODI.
Pakistan won against New Zealand this time too.

Babar Azam Batsman

In the autumn of 2023, Babar Azam decided to leave the post of captain of the national team in all formats. The reason is the failure of the Pakistanis at the last World Cup.

Domestic cricket. Playing in the Pakistan Super League

Playing cricket on the domestic stage is another outstanding side of the athlete in the Pakistani’s career.

Initially, Babar, already as a young man, played cricket for the Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited team. At the same time, he played for the Islamabad Leopards team as a novice player. Later, the player defended the colors of the State Bank of Pakistan team. Babar Azam represented the Sui Southern Gas Company team at the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy tournament.

Major changes in the player’s club career took place in 2019. First, Babar Azam becomes the captain of the Central Punjab team in the games of the 2019-20 season. The player won his first club trophy with this team. In the same year, he served as captain of the Central Punjab team in the national T20 Cup.
Already in the first match, he scored a century. Babar’s credit is that he became the first player in Pakistan to make three centuries and over 1,500 runs in T20 in one season.

The following season, he continued his performances for the Central Punjab team. Participating in the National T20 Cup in the 2021-22 season, Babar Azam became the fastest player, scoring 7,000 runs in T20.

Playing Cricket in the Pakistan Super League

Babar Azam played 79 matches in the Pakistan Super League. He earned 2935 points, made 1 century and 28 fifty.

Babar Azam represented Islamabad United in the top league of Pakistani cricket. Then, as a result of the 2017 auction, the cricketer changed the team to the Karachi Kings. In the 2017 season, the player performed well, getting 291 runs. Due to his success, the contract with the player was extended for the next season. In 2018, Babar became the third most effective in fifty. In the 2020 season, the player becomes the vice-captain of the franchise, and at the end of the season he receives the title of the best scorer of the PSL 2020. His achievement in the season was the title of the best player of the match both in qualifying and in the final itself.

The 2021 season has become a landmark for Babar. He has 554 runs to his credit. However, this record lasted only a year and was broken the following year. Thanks to his achievements and the quality of his game, Bobby became the captain of the Karachi Kings club in December 2021 and remains in the team after the next draft in 2022. Before the start of the 2023 season in the Pakistani Super League, Babar Azam joins the Peshawar Zalmi team, becoming at the same time the captain of his new team.

Playing cricket in other leagues

Back in 2016, 20-year-old Babar Azam signed a contract with Rangpur Riders, a team playing in the Bangladesh Premier League. Unfortunately, due to his nationality, he was unable to continue playing at this club.

In 2017, the Pakistani cricketer plays for the Amazon Warriors team from Guyana, becoming a member of the Caribbean Premier League.

The 2019 season was marked by a new contract for Azam with Somerset, who participated in T20 Blast cricket competitions. The player spent a season at a new club and continued to play for this team in 2020, with the condition of playing two first-class matches for the Somerset club.

Playing for Somerset, Babar Azam showed his best career result against Glamorgan, scoring 114 points in 62 innings and making 5,000 runs. For this achievement, Babar Azam was awarded the title of the fastest Asian cricketer. The player finished the season with a score of 218 runs in 7 matches.
Game features and techniques

Babar Azam is a right-handed player, is a first-class batsman. The cricketer is also known for his “iron” discipline in the game, decency and balanced character. Babar, at the age of 29, is considered responsible for the results of the game, has excellent batting skills. It is no coincidence that he is among the top ten players who have participated in all formats. In one-day formats, he is always the first batter. At the same time, the average is 10.

During his performances, Babar Azam earned a reputation as a thinker in the game. Because of this, he is often appointed captain of the teams for which he stands. In the captaincy, the player demonstrates brilliant leadership qualities and a progressive attitude of thinking towards the game itself.

Although he does not have a reputation as one of the game’s most profound thinkers, his captaincy shows the rudimentary signs of modern progressive thinking.

The game preaches a combined style, which combines a quick reaction to a flying ball and a lightning-fast start to run. It has high accuracy in repelling. As for endurance, the player can keep his composure and good reaction throughout the match.

Babar Azam became the third player in Pakistan to make 1,000 runs in an ODI. The player holds the record of 2,000 runs and the title of the best batsman in ODI cricket.
The Pakistani became the fastest player in Asia in an ODI, making 3,000 runs in 68 innings. He holds the record for the number of centuries made in one country. At the tournament in the United Arab Emirates, Babar earned 5 centuries.

Since the 19th century in ODI, Babar has been ranked second in ODI. There are 3 centuries in his collection in a row. He is the fastest captain to make 1,000 ODI runs in 13 innings. At the T20 World Cup in 2021, “Bobby” made the most runs of all – 303.

Babar Azam scored the most points, 474 runs, in a game for Pakistan in a single 2019 World Cup. Azam has won the titles of Pakistan’s top scorer in tests for 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022. Babar became the first captain to defeat the Indian national team at the World Cup with his team.

Twice the athlete became the best player of the year according to the ICC ODI version. In T20I, Babar is considered the fastest player to have earned 2,000 and 2,500 runs. He has the highest score in T20I and the most centuries for Pakistan. In the Pakistan Super League, Babar is the top scorer in 2020 and 2021. He has centuries to his credit, made in all formats.

How many centuries of Babar Azam in ODI?

For all his ODI cricket appearances, Babar Azam has made 117 19 century matches played.

How many century of Babar Azam in all format?

If we take into account all the matches that Babar Azam has played in all existing formats (ODI, T20I, tests, first-class cricket, domestic cricket), the number of centuries earned by players is estimated at 82.
Babar Azam most centuries against which team?

Babar Azam scored the most centuries in test matches against Sri Lanka. The player earned two centuries each in the game with Australia and New Zealand. Babar Azam once scored a century against Bangladesh and England.

How many centuries Babar Azam have in Test?

As part of the test matches, Babar scored 9 centuries in 50 matches.

How many runs of Babar Azam in ODI?

Playing in all ODI format matches, from 2015 to 2023, Babar Azam managed to complete 5,729 runs.

Babar Azam double century in Test Matches?

Babar Azam has many achievements, records and titles in his career, including a double century. In the 2019 T20I series in Australia, he scored 210 points with an average score of 52.50.

To get an idea of Babar Azam’s skill level and how impressive his cricket game looks, just look at the statistics. For example, in the batsman position, the statistics look like this:

  • tests, 50 matches played, 90 innings, 3807 runs made, 9 centuries earned, 26 half-centuries, number of 4s 444, number of 6s 23.
  • 117 ODI matches played, 114 innings, 5729 runs made, 19 centuries earned, 32 fifty, the number of 4s is 520, the number of 6s is 60.
  • in T20Is matches, 104 matches were played, 98 innings, 3485 runs were made, 3 centuries were earned, 30 half-centuries, number of 4s 371, number of 6s 53.
  • In 87 matches in first-class cricket, the player made 145 innings, 5859 runs were made, 12 centuries were earned, 38 half-centuries, number of 4s 718, number of 6s 35.
  • in List A, 181 masts were played, 177 innings were received, 8645 were made, 29 centuries were earned, 50 half-centuries, number of 4s 811, number of 6s 74 29 50 811 74
  • in the T 20C format, 268 were played, 258 innings were made, 9462 runs were made, 10 centuries were earned, 77 half-centuries, the number of 4s 944, the number of 6s 173

The statistics of Babar Azam’s bowling performances looks interesting

Format Mat Inns Balls Runs BBI BBM
Tests 50 8 90 42 1/1 1/2
ODI 117
T20Is 104
FC 87 28 816 466 1/1 1/2
List A 181 29 633 555 2/20 2/20
T20s 268 5 78 85 2/20 2/20

As you can see, Babar Azam’s performance in the batsman position is impressive. This is especially noticeable in the number of runs and centuries earned. However, Azam also managed to demonstrate good performance in the bowler position. The number of goals and points is impressive.


For a complete picture of Babar Azam’s skill, about his class of playing cricket, we suggest comparing his achievements and key indicators with similar data from other, no less outstanding cricketers. For example!

Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli who is best?

We suggest comparing Babar Azam and Virat Kohli, two athletes representing Pakistan and India respectively and professing different styles in the game.

To begin with, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has been playing international cricket since 2008, whereas Babar Azam started his international career only in 2015. Almost 10 years later, however, there is information that allows you to compare the two athletes.

Now in detail! From August 2017 to 2021, the Indian had no equal in ODI cricket. No player could move Virat Kohli to the top position in the ranking. However, starting in the spring of 2019, the Indian’s superiority among the best batters was violated by Babar Azam.

The rivalry between the two top-class cricketers began when a Pakistani player played his debut match in 2015 for the Pakistan national team. When Azam played his first international match for Pakistan, Indian Kohli had already won 150 one-day tournaments with 2,000 points.

In 2022, Babar Azam becomes the fastest cricketer, earning 2,000 ODI points. Moreover, it took 47 matches for a player from Pakistan to achieve such a result. Kohli went to such a milestone 56 matches.

We suggest comparing the statistics of both cricketers. It is best to make a comparison by taking into account international T20 matches. In this format, the Indian played 115 matches, while the Pakistani player played 104 matches. Kohli’s score in this case is 4008 points and an average of 52.73. At the same time, Babar Azam scored 3485 runs, with an average of 41.49.

Statistics on earned centuries and fifty are interesting. For 115 matches played, Kohli received 1 century and 37 fifty. Babar Azam got 3 centuries and 30 fifties for 104 matches played. As you can see, although Kohli played 11 more matches than Azam, the Indian managed to maintain a high average result. However, something else is interesting. During the matches played, the Pakistani managed to get 3 centuries, but Kohli’s success is limited to only 1 century. The situation with the fifty, on the contrary, is completely different. Kohli has 37 fifty in his assets, while Azam has only 30.

Now you can compare the achievements and statistics of athletes in other formats. Kohli is one of the few cricketers who has managed to score 12,000 or more points in an ODI career. Moreover, in order to achieve this amazing result, the Indian needed to play only 251 matches.

Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli in ODI

Player Matches Runs Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
Virat Kohli 289 13,626 58.48 93.55 49 70
Babar Azam 116 5,691 56.91 88.78 19 32

Now let’s compare the matches in test cricket. This time Kohli is in the lead in all indicators. The Indian has 8,676 runs in 11 matches, while the Pakistani has 3,722 runs in 49 matches played. Moreover, Kohli is the fastest player in the longest format matches. The record achieved was made in 81 matches.

Based on these statistics, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is still noticeably ahead of Pakistani Babar Azam. According to the total number of centuries earned, 79 against 31 in matches of all formats, Kohli is ahead of Azam.

Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli in Tests

Player Matches Runs Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
Virat Kohli 111 8,676 49.30 55.23 29 29
Babar Azam 49 3,772 47.75 55.19 9 26

It would be appropriate to compare Babar Azam with Virat Kohli as captain. In 2019, Babar becomes the captain of Pakistan in T20I. Since then, the Pakistani player has scored 2,195 points in 71 matches. Virat Kohli becomes captain in 2017. Until 2021, the captain of India played 50 matches and earned 1670 points.

As a result, Babar Azam won 42 out of 71 matches in T20I as captain, but Kohli won 30 out of 50 matches as captain.

In the tests, the legendary player from Pakistan played 20 matches as captain, won 10 and earned 1727 points. Kohli’s achievements are as follows: 68 matches were played, 40 of them were won and 5,608 points were earned.

Speaking of his win/loss records in the shortest format of cricket, Babar Azam has won 42 and lost 22 of 71 Twenty20 International tournaments as captain. Kohli, on the other hand, has won 30 of his 50 T20I matches as captain, losing 16 times.

Babar Azam’s ODI Captaincy Record against Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli has played 95 matches during his ODI captaincy and Babar Azam 42. The Indian has won 65 matches and the Pakistani 26.

Is Kohli better than Babar?

Undoubtedly, Kohli has higher stats, but Babar’s potential is such that he could achieve similar results in a few years, and even surpass Virat.

Rohit Sharma vs Babar Azam

For a complete picture, there is another option, to compare the statistics of performances and achievements of Rohit Sharma against Babar Azam. For example, consider the statistics of both athletes in a test that allows you to evaluate the talent and skill of the players.

Rohit Sharma played 43 matches, pitched 76 innings, scored 3,047 points, scored 8 centuries and 14 half-centuries. Babar Azam has played 37 matches. He made 66 innings, scored 2,461 points, got 5 centuries and 19 half-centuries. In this aspect, the performance of both athletes is approximately equal.

Let’s compare Babar Azam to Rohit in ODI. The Pakistani player is currently ranked first in the ODI rankings as a batsman. The Pakistani player played 83 matches, made 3985 runs, scored 14 centuries and 17 half-centuries. The Indian has played 227 ODI matches, scored 2905 points, scored 29 centuries and 43 fifties. Sharma has three double centuries and a record 264 in the match against Australia.

Now let’s compare Babar against Rohit in the T20 format. This time, the Pakistani player has a clear advantage. Babar Azam played 70 matches, earned 2,534 points, made 1 century and got 24 fifty. Rohit Sharma played 119 matches, earned 3,197, made 4 centuries and 26 fifties.

Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma is a player who has managed to score a hundred points in all three formats and currently holds the record for the most centuries in T20. At the same time, the Indian has been performing since 2007. However, Babar Azam has surpassed the new Indian captain in T20 on average and is likely to become the best batsman in T20 cricket soon.


  • In 2017, Babar Azam joined the ICC symbolic ODI Team of the Year;
  • In the same year, the Pakistani becomes the best cricketer according to the PCB ODI;
  • In 2018, Azam becomes the best player in T20I cricket according to PCB;
  • Again, but already in 2019, Babar Azam is included in the ICC ODI team of the Year;
  • In 2020, the athlete becomes the best player of the Pakistan Super League;
  • According to ARY News, Azam becomes the winner of the title “Man of the Year 2020”
  • In 2021, he is recognized as the best ODI cricketer of the year by the ICC ODI;
  • In 2021, he becomes the captain of the ICC men’s T20I team of the Year;
  • In 2021, the same title, but in the ODI format;
  • In 2021, he was recognized by the ICC as the captain of the men’s T20 Cricket World Cup team;
  • In 2022, the athlete also has many titles and titles.
  • In 2022, Babar Azam becomes the ICC Player of the Year (Garfield Sobers Trophy);
  • In 2022, he becomes the ICC ODI Player of the Year;
  • Received the title of captain of the ODI team of the Year according to the ICC;
  • Babar Azam became a member of the ICC Test Team of the Year in 2022.

In 2023, Babar Azam, at the age of 28, became the owner of the high national award of Pakistan “Sitara-i-Imitaz”.

How many ICC awards won by Babar Azam?

Babar Azam has won many prestigious awards, titles and titles in international competitions. Pakistan’s leading cricketer has received the Garfield Sobers Trophy as the main men’s award in cricket. In addition, he has the title of the best player according to the ICC in ODI in 2022. Moreover, Babar Azam received the title of the best player of the year according to the ICC version twice.

Personal life

Babar Azam Personal Life and Hairstyle

Who is Babar azam wife?

Currently, the 29-year-old cricketer has not married yet.


According to the tax authorities of Pakistan, the athlete’s net worth is currently estimated at USD 5 million.

Babar’s income is distributed as follows:
from participating in matches for the Pakistan national team, the player receives 5,20,000 rupees annually;

From participating in matches for the Pakistan Super League club Karachi Kings from 2017 to the present, the player received 1,03,00,000 rupees.

In addition, Babar Azam has many contracts in advertising for the brands Head & Shoulders, HBL, Oppo and Huawei, which bring in considerable total annual income.

The athlete also receives income from his pages on the popular Twitter and Instagram networks. In total, he has up to 3 million subscribers.

Frequent questions

Who is the father of Babar Azam?

The father of Pakistani cricketer Azam Siddiq hails from Lahore. He is a Muslim by religion and has a small business, owning a watch workshop in Lahore.

When did Babar Azam became captain?

Babar became the captain of the T20I cricket team in October 2019. Six months later, in May 2020, he led the team in ODI. A month later, the Pakistani cricketer became the captain of the national team in all other formats.

Who is Babar Azam brother?

Pakistan’s best cricketer has two siblings Safir Azam and Faisal Azam

Who’s the sister?

Babar Azam’s sister is named Faria Azam.

Which car does Babar Azam have?

The player earns well, so he can afford to have an expensive car. To date, he has two “A” class cars at his disposal, an Audi A5 and an Audi e-Tron GT.

What is Babar Azam’s T-shirt number?

Cricketer Babar Azam plays for many teams, wearing the number 56 T-shirt.

Is Babar Azam married?

At the moment, the 29-year-old cricketer remains unmarried. The news that Babar Azam was engaged to his cousin, and the wedding was supposed to take place in October 2023, turned out to be fake.

What is Babar Azam’s hairstyle?

The athlete wears two types of hairstyles, either a Crop or a Flat-top haircut

Babar Azam Hairtstyle Look

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