Shreyas Iyer – Career Info and Personal Life

Who is Shreyas Iyer?

Shreyas Santosh Iyer is an Indian cricketer who plays as a copyright holder. A notable personality is being criticized in the world, and this article is devoted to Iyer’s achievements and biography.

Shreyas Iyer Biography

Shreyas Iyer was born on December 6, 1994 in Chumbara, one of the districts of the Indian city of Mumbai. The famous cricketer’s family is multinational. Shreyas’s father, Santosh Iyer, is Tamil by nationality, but the mother of the future captain of the Indian national team hails from Tuluva, which is located in southwestern India. The family has family roots in the Indian state of Kerala.

Childhood and youth

Shreyas Iyer spent his early childhood and middle name in Mumbai. First there was Don Bosco Elementary School in Matunga. After that, the young man studied at the College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai.

Iyer’s first introduction to cricket took place during his school years. After the school team, Shreyas played cricket for the college team. It was at this time that the formation of an athlete took place. It was during these years that his main role in the game was determined. At the age of 18, a young man meets coach Pravin Amre, who begins from that moment to engage in the future sports education of the future champion.

Even then, his college friends compared Iyer to the legendary Virinder Sevag. This comparison was not accidental. Largely due to the efforts and merits of the 20-year-old player, the Podar College team won many valuable trophies.

Shreyas’ Adult Career

The first serious successes in Shreyas Iyer’s sports career took place in 2014. The athlete represented the Trent Bridge team in those years, which toured the UK. During his performance in the Great Britain, the now famous athlete showed his first serious achievements. During the three matches in which the sportsman took part, he managed to score 297 points, an average of 99 points per match. During this tour, Schre also set an overall record of 171 points.

Perhaps a few years ago in Spain, the “A” took place in November 2014, when the player played for the Mumbai team in the 2014-15 Vijayahazar Trohi tournament. As a result of the Entire tournament, the 20-year-old player scored 273 points, which was another personal achievement. In December 2014, he made his first debut in adult cricket, while participating in the 2014-15 Ranji Trophy tour. As a result of the Ranji Trophy tour, the young athlete took 7th place in the list of Scorers.

In 2014, he wore the T-shirt of the Indian national cricket team for the first time. As part of the team, Iyer took part in the U-19 World Champion match.

For the next season, Iyer improved his personal relationship. In the 2015-16 Ranji Trophy round, he managed to earn as many as 1,321 points. In the new season, four centuries and seven fifties have been submitted to him. The player’s performance averaged 73 points per match. In itoge, Iyer became the top scorer of the Ranji Trophy tournament, won in the ranking, which managed to score more than 1,300 points.

Start in the Indian Premier League

In the winter of 2015, Shreyas signed his first professional contract. At the 2015 IPL auction, the player was signed by the professional team Delhi Daredevils. The contract amount was 2.6 crore Indian rupees, the equivalent of 430 thousand USD. Participating in the tournament already as a professional, Iyer scored 439 points after playing 14 matches. His performance in the game is 33.76 points per match with a strike rate of 128. At the end of the season, thanks to his achievements, Iyer became the 9th most productive player in the Indian Premier League in 2015.

The Delhi Daredevils club extended its contract with the Shreyas in 2018. Moreover, this season, at the age of 23, the player becomes the captain of the team, replacing the legendary Gautam Gambhir in this post. In the history of the Indian Premier League, Yayer became the youngest captain who admires the proffesional team. His debut in the captain’s status took place at the match of the Delhi Daredevils against the Calcutta Knight Riders.

Iyer played his first debut match as the captain of the team brilliantly, showing a winless streak. He has 93 points, 40 innings and 10 sixes. This is his third fifty of the season as an Indian Premier League player. In one of the matches, Iyer won the title of the best player. As captain, Iyer led the Delhi Daredevils to victory in the match against Kolkata.

These successes contributed to the fact that the young captain remained in his post next season. Together with Iyer, Delhi Daredevils reached the playoff series of the main IPL tournament for the first time in history. In total, Iyer took to the field in a Delhi Daredevils T-shirt for the next six consecutive seasons, becoming not only a foundation player, but also earned the honorary status of team captain. During his time as a member of this team, Iyer managed to make 400 runs in four seasons.

The first games for the Indian national cricket team

In mid-March 2017, Shre made his debut in his first test match, playing as a cover for Virat Kohli in a match against Australia. Coming on as a substitute in the fourth test, he beat Steve O’Keefe by 8 points, which brought success to the Indian team.

In the autumn of 2017, Iyer is again included in the Indian national team, which will have to play a series of matches in the Twenty20 International (T20I) format, against the New Zealand national team. His T20I debut came on November 1, 2017, but this time the player left the field without points.
Again, in the fall of 2017, a player in the Indian team plays a series of matches at the One Day International (ODI) tournament against Sri Lanka. The first appearance in the ODI tournament took place on December 10, 2017. Iyer has 88 points on his account.

Iyer’s dominating career

In parallel with his debut in the Indian national team, Iyer continues to perform successfully on the home arena. In the 2016-17 season, Iyer earned only 725 points in the Ranji Trophy tournament. He has two centuries and two fifty to his credit. In his first international match against Australia, the 22-year-old scored 210 goals, which was another personal achievement.

In the fall of 2018, Shreyas is announced as the winner-captain of the Mumbai team, which takes part in the Vijay Hazare Trophy tournament. At the end of the season, he scored 373 points, which were earned in seven matches. This youngest player becomes the captain of the Indian national team of class “B”, which takes part in the Deodhar Trophy tournament. That tournament was another achievement of Shreyas. The athlete earned 199 points in three matches.

In February 2019, the player takes part in a T20 match. At the same time, another high achievement was achieved. In the first round of the Said Mushtaq Ali Trophy tournament, Shreyas managed to earn only 147 points.

In the 2020 season, being an authoritative person and serving many titles, Shreyas Iyer changes his residence permit, becoming the captain of the Delhi Kitals team. Perhaps, like many other experts and analysts, this is why Iyer has called for cooperation with many people who want to help the Indian Premier League Donal. Look at what is called “Mumbai Indie”, the comedy of Iera played, she scored 65 goals.

After that, the ignoramus Iyer was going to join a social club, so he was invited to participate in the creation of the Lancashire team, which for a long time was supposed to start in the 2021 season in the framework of the Krolev one-day Cup.

Famous tournaments in which Iyer participated

At the end of 2019, Shreyas participates in the second match of the one-off match (ODI) to collect information. The player scored 31 runs in one over, which became a kind of record. Up to this point, no Indian national team player had achieved such success.

Already in early 2020, Iyer plans to take part in the T20I program for the Indian national team against New Zealand. In this game, the athlete scores 58 goals out of 29 and gets the title of the best player of the match. At the end of January 2020, already in the second half of the 2010s in a match against New Zealand, Ier scores 44 hours out of 33. The game will take place in New Zealand early next year, obviously you are right about the ODI. This time, twice as often as usual, an Indian player scores 103 balls out of 107 and makes the first two shots in an ODI frame.

The new 2021 season was a great success for me as a player in the Indian national team. Autumn 2021 is the time to collect information that could help to participate in the ICC Men’s World Survey. At the same tournament, in a match against the England national team, a player suffers a shoulder injury. For this reason, I would like to contribute to the second half of the season.

However, in November 2021, the player was included in the Indian national team for the match against New Zealand. The technical match in which Iyer participated took place on November 25, 2021, after the New Zealand training camp.

For his participation in this project, Iyer received a technical cap. The honorary trophy was presented to him by another legendary player of the Indian national team, Sunil Gavaskar. During his last performance, Shreyas Iyer managed to score the first place in the group.

At the beginning of 2022, the athlete took part in a bilateral T20I conference dedicated to data collection. During the work on the series of three matches, the coach ran and scored a goal in number, defeating the record of the legendary Virat Kohli. The player has 204 runs and three fifty in a row.

To achieve this goal in May 2022, he received the title of the best player of the match. The second test against Sri Lanka was a landmark one. The player managed to score two decisive fifty.

At the beginning of 2022, according to the ICC, Shreyas received the title of player of the year. Despite his success, the player was not included in the Indian national team for the T20 World Cup. The year 2023 has started no less successfully for the player. He succeeded in the 2nd and 3rd matches in the fight for survival in the ODI frame.


After a long absence, more than six months of injury treatment, Iyer returned to the field and took part in a game for the Delhi Capitals team. However, at the auction of the Indian Premier League in 2022, the player was outbid by another famous Indian cricket club, Kolkata Knight Riders. The contract amount is estimated at more than 12 crore Indian rupees.

January 2023 after a series of matches against Sri Lanka, Iyer is injured once again. This time, the athlete is worried about back pain. After a while, the player returns to the field, taking part in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy tournament.

Anthropometric data of an athlete

Attribute Detail
Height 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Athlete’s Weight 70 kg
Role Batsman
Hand Right-handed
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Hairstyle in 2022 Hairstyles Like “SHREYAS IYER”
Hairstyle 2023 New Hairstyle With A Dash Of Smoke
Native Language Tamil
Nickname Shre
Shreyas Iyer Hairstyle 2024

When Shreyas Iyer started playing cricket?

Shreyas Iyer took his first steps in cricket as a student at a school in Mumbai. The 12-year-old boy played for the school team, where he was noticed by coach Pravin Amre.

Shreyas Iyer’s First Debut

The test debut took place on December 3, 2021 in a game against the New Zealand national team
He made his ODI debut on December 10, 2017 in a match against Sri Lanka
He made his debut in a T20I match on November 1, 2017 in a match against New Zealand

Achievements of Shreyas Iyer

During his more than 10-year career, Shreyas Iyer has achieved the following successes and achievements:

  • 10 tests have been played;
  • 58 ODI matches played;
  • 49 matches played in the T20I format;
  • The player has played 60 matches in first-class cricket (FC).

During his participation in Shreyas Iyer matches, he scored 666 runs in test matches, 2331 runs in ODI matches, 1043 runs in T20I matches and 5,324 runs in top-class cricket.
The highest score of a player in test matches is 105, in ODI matches it is 128, in T20I matches the player earned 74 points. In the matches of the FC Shre format, he earned 202 points.
In bowling, Shreyas Iyer has scored 6 balls in tests, 37 balls in ODI matches, 2 balls in T20I matches and 565 balls in FC level matches.
The most wickets – 4 players received in T20I matches.
The athlete has 9 catches in tests, 24 catches in ODI, 14 catches in T20I matches and 46 catches in FC matches

The teams that Shreyas Iyer played for:
During his sports career, Shreyas Iyer played in team T-shirts

  • NaMo Bandra Blasters;
  • Mumba;
  • India U-19 national team,
  • Rest of India;
  • India Green
  • West Zone;
  • the Indian national team;
  • Indian national team In;
  • Lancashire;
  • Indian Board Presidents XI;
  • Delhi Capitals,
  • Kolkata Knight Riders,
  • Indian national team A

How did Shreyas Iyer play at the 2023 World Cup?

Shreyas Iyer decides to leave big-time cricket in the spring. After that, in April 2023, the athlete left for England for treatment. Accordingly, the legendary player’s participation in the upcoming 2023 ICC World Cup final against Australia is out of the question.

Who will replace Shreyas Iyer in IPL 2023?

Due to the fact that Shreyas Iyer is forced to leave the ranks of his Kolkata Knight Riders team due to injury, Nitish Rana will wear the captain’s armband in 2023.

Playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL

Aspect Details
Joining KKR Purchased for ₹12.25 crores; appointed as captain.
Total Runs 401 runs in 14 matches.
Strike Rate 134.56
Boundaries and Sixes 41 boundaries and 11 sixes.
Half-Centuries Three half-centuries, highest score of 85.
Captaincy Record Won 6 matches, lost 8.
Team’s Final Position Finished eighth in the points table.

In 2022, after the IPL auction, Shreyas Iyer signed a contract worth ₹ 12.25 crores with the Kolkata Knight Riders team. Despite the back injury and subsequent treatment, the player still remains with the club today.

What is the number of the Sreyas Iyer T-shirt?

Playing as part of the Indian national team in the format of T20 and ODI tournaments, the athlete wore a T-shirt with 41 numbers.

Shreyas Iyer T-shirt Number 41

How many runs did Shreyas Iyer have in the 2023 World Cup?

At the last 2023 World Cup, which was hosted by the Indian cricket team, Shreyas Iyer scored 530 runs.

How many centuries of Shreyas Iyer?

In total, during his professional sports career, Shreays Iyer managed to get 6 centuries.

Why didn’t Shreyas Iyer play in the IPL?

In the 2023 season, Shreyas Iyer’s back injury worsened once again. Due to this, the player was excluded from the Kolkata Knight Riders team, which continues to compete in the Indian Premier League tournament.

What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

According to reports from the sports press, Iyer’s back pain has once again worsened. This happened during the pre-match warm-up before the tests in the framework of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy tournament. Literally two or three days later, it became known that the athlete would go for treatment in England. Accordingly, he was excluded from the national team for the upcoming tests with Australia.

Why Shreyas Iyer is not in Australia?

In April, he went to England for back surgery. It was because of this that Shreyas Iyer was unable to participate in the ICC Test Championship final against Australia.

Comparison of Suryakumar Yadav vs Shreyas Iyer

Statistic Suryakumar Yadav Shreyas Iyer
ODI Matches / Runs / Average 37 / 773 / 25.76 58 / 2,331 / 49.59
T20I Matches / Runs / Average 59 / 2,000 / 47.34 49 / 1,043 / 30.68
FC Matches / Runs / Average 82 / 5,628 / 43.62 60 / 5,324 / 52.71
List A Matches / Runs / Average 139 / 3,627 / 33.58
Test Matches / Runs / Average 10 / 666 / 44.40
Catches / Stumpings ODI: 17 / T20I: 37 / FC: 106 / LA: 76 Test: 9 / ODI: 24 / T20I: 14 / FC: 46
Bowling Wickets / Average (FC and LA) FC: 24 / 22.91, LA: 6 / 63.00 FC: 4 / 100.25

Both players have impressive batting figures, with Iyer showing higher index and test averages, and Yadav surpassing the T20I format. Their playing skills on the field are also at a good level, although Yadav has a more significant advantage in different formats. Yadav also showed some bowling skills, especially in first-class cricket, while Iyer bowled only occasionally. The young Shrek has everything ahead of him and he will be able to show good results in 2024.

Personal life

At the age of 29, Shreyas Iyer remains unmarried. His personal life is bright and colorful, both in terms of sporting achievements and in terms of personal life. The athlete has been repeatedly seen in the company of quite famous young people, but this in no way affects his family status.

Who is the Shreyas Iyer girl?

If we talk about the relationship of the star of modern cricket with the female, then the situation is still uncertain in this regard for Shreyas Iyer. According to one source, the athlete is dating a girl named Trisha Kulkarni. It was with her that Iyer was seen during the 2023 World Cup.

According to other sources, Iyer is dating another young woman. Well-known metropolitan tabloids previously wrote about the relationship with Nikhita Shiv.

Does Shreyas Iyer have a wife?

As of December 2023, there is no information about the wedding or the fact of the marriage.

Shreyas Iyer’s Parents:

Santosh Iyer’s father is Tamil. Rohini Iyer’s mother is from Kelar State

Who is Shreyas Iyer’s brother?

There is no brother in Shreyas Iyer. The athlete has a younger sister, Shrestha Iyer.

Shreyas Iyer net worth

As for the athlete’s own capital, its size is estimated at USD 5 million. More recent data for the middle of 2023 indicate a capital of USD 7 million.

What is the salary of Shreyas Iyer?

According to insider sources and the Metropolitan District Tax Police Department, Shreyas Iyega’s annual salary is Rs 1 crore. That’s how much his annual contract with the WCC is valued.

Frequent questions:

Who are the parents of Shreyas Iyer?

Father Santosh Iyer is Tamil, mother Rohini Iyer

Who is Shreyas Iyer’s best friend?

Shreyas Iyer’s best friend is Rishabh Pant, his teammate at Delhi Capitals. The friends have been on the team together for five seasons. The famous cricketer is also friends with Aman Khan.

Which state is Shreyas Iyer from

Shreyas Iyer hails from one of the districts of Mumbai, Maharashtra

Did Shreyas Iyer have an affair with his wife Yuzvendra Chahal?

According to tabloid sources, Shreyas Iyer had an affair with the wife of another Indian national cricket team player Yuzvendra Chahal. However, the facts contradict this information. In real life, Iyer has no relationship with the wife of his colleague on the national team, and never had.

Does Shreyas Iyer have a daughter?

The athlete is not married. Accordingly, 29-year-old Iyer does not have children at the moment.

Which team did Shreyas Iyer play for in IPL 2021?

After long-term treatment for a shoulder injury, the player returned to his Delhi Capitals team, where he spent the rest of the season.

If Shreyas Iyer has diabetes?

The athlete’s use of a glucose meter to measure blood glucose levels before entering the field caused a wave of rumors that Shreyas Iyer was ill with diabetes. In fact, this is one of the stages of preparing an athlete for the upcoming game.

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