Virat Kohli Biography, Facts, Records and Family life

Virat Kohli is a famous Indian cricketer, who has entered the history of cricket with his sporting achievements. According to many worldwide analytical sources, he is currently considered one of the best batsmen in the world.

Virat Kohli

Today, Virat Kohli, at the age of 35, leads the Indian national team and the Indian Premier League club Royal Challengers Bangalore in the status of captain. This article describes the main highlights, insights and achievements of this great player.


In 1988, a boy Virat was born in the Punjabi Kohli family, who at that time lived in Delhi. The family of the future champion and legend of cricket belonged to the middle class, having a steady income. It was thanks to this that he, his brother and sister grew up in favorable conditions. Parents have made a lot of efforts to ensure that their children grow up not only healthy, but also receive timely education.

When was the first time Virat Kohli played cricket?

Kohli’s first exposure to cricket took place at an early age. Already at the age of 3, under the supervision of his father, the boy picked up a bat for the first time and tried to make the first shots at the ball. Seeing in their son good physical abilities and an interest in sports, the parents decided to develop these abilities. Soon, his father sent little Virat to the sports academy, where his childhood coach was Rajkumar Sharma. Even then, the coaches noted in the boy the presence of good physical condition and a great desire to learn.

Where did Virat Kohli study?

In parallel with his studies at school, Virat continued his studies at the West Delhi Cricket Academy. However, at the same time, the young man also played matches for Sumit Dogra Academy. Progress in development allowed the boy to play for the Delhi youth team at the age of 14 at his first major tournament, the Polly Umrigar Trophy in 2002-2003. The results exceeded expectations. The fourteen-year-old boy was recognized as the best in his team, for which he was appointed captain for the next season.
Kohli has shown excellent results during the season. He has 390 runs in 5 matches, two centuries and two half-centuries.

First achievements and participation in significant cricket tournaments

The most curious thing is that the number of runs the young athlete was constantly growing. For the next season, as part of the Vijay Merchant Trophy tournament, this figure has already amounted to 470 runs in 4 matches. The phenomenal results achieved by the young athlete drew the attention of the scouts of the junior Indian national team to him. After a short negotiation in the presence of his father, Virat signs a contract and becomes a national team player. In 2006, he made his first significant appearance in the Indian national team – participation in a cricket tournament in England.

At this tournament, the Indian national team won the series, and the young Kohli contributed to the success of the national team to a large extent with his game. After the tournament, the leading manager of the Lalchand Rajput team spoke very flatteringly about the young and promising cricketer. In the same season, in November, he played his debut match for the adult Delhi team, which met with the Tamil Nadu team.

When Virat Kohli’s father died?

In December 2007, 19-year-old Virat loses his father, who died after a serious illness. However, even a family tragedy does not stop a young man from participating in the tournament. The next day, he takes the field in a match against the Karnataka team and achieves excellent results.

Already in February 2008, Virat Kohli became the captain of the Indian U-19 national team and took part in his first World Cup. At this tournament, “Chiki” worked not only with the bat. His 235 points scored in 6 matches, including centuries, contributed to the sensational victory of the Indian national team. The result of the athlete’s performance is an average of 47 points per game.

How Virat Kohli started his career?

The success of the junior national team did not go unnoticed. At the end of the tournament, Kohli was offered his first professional contract with the Indian Premier League club Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The successful start of his youth sports career gave an impetus to the rapid start of the young Virat in big sports. First, he was included in the Indian national team, which went to play a series of matches against Sri Lanka in the ODI.

At that time, the situation in the national team was critical. The leading players of the team, Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag, were seriously injured, so Virat Kohli had a serious burden. However, the newcomer of the team did not fade away and managed to become a worthy replacement for the retired stars of the Indian team. He has 50 points in five matches of the series. For a young athlete who played at such a high level for the first time, such a result can be regarded as an achievement.

In which year Virat Kohli debut in international cricket?

In 2009, the time came for the first success in the international arena. In the game against the Sri Lankan national team, Virat Kohli, paired with Gautam Kambhir, managed to win their position, eventually bringing their national team a well-deserved victory. Kambhir himself presented the young sportsman with the prize of the best player of the match after the match. The following year, 2010, was filled in the career of a rising star with participation for the Indian national team in international tournaments in Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

Virat Kohli in World Cup 2011

In 2011, Virat made his debut with the Indian national team at the World Cup. According to the results of the tournament, Kohli got into the team. This recognition became possible due to the fact that already in his first debut match against Bangladesh, he scored the first hundred. In 2011, he also made his test debut for the first time, playing in a match against the Caribbean.

Further experience and improvement of results in international games

The next series in Australia was initially unsuccessful for Kohli, however, at the insistence of the then captain of the Indian national team, Mahendra Dhoni, he was entrusted to continue playing in the national team. As a result, the young player lived up to the expectations placed on him, making his first hundred in the test in Adelaide.

The following year 2012 became a landmark in Virat Kohli’s career. First, as part of the ODI, he and the Indian national team defeated the Sri Lankan national team at a tournament in Hobart (Tasmania). It was in these matches that significant progress in batting became noticeable, especially in limited overs. A promising player at that time even received a belt for 24 wounds he made.

In the following years, Kohli continued to play for both the Indian national team and his professional club in the Indian Premier League. However, not everything was so smooth in his career. For example, many noted that his defense technique suffers. According to coaches and experts, the player sometimes lacked the necessary pace in attack. This was especially evident in the 2014 matches, when Virat managed to score only 134 runs from 10 innings.

Nevertheless, after a short break in performances, which was spent on perfecting and honing techniques, today’s cricket legend managed to return to the big sport. Already during the tour of England, he became the best among the mile runners.

Personal life events

In 2013, Virat Kohli begins dating film actress Anushka Sharma. The young people met at one of the presentations of a sports brand held in Mumbai. Considering that from that moment on, the cricketer’s family began to appear in public together, the press and television quickly stuck the nickname “Virushka” on the young people.

Despite numerous gossips and rumors, the wedding took place only four years later. Virat and Anushka got married in December 2017 in Florence, Italy.

When was Virat Kohli daughter born?

On January 11, 2011, there was a replenishment in the Kohli family. A daughter was born in the family of the famous cricketer. This event has left a big imprint on the frequency of cricket performances. Virat leaves the Indian national team for a short time. His matches for the Royal Challengers Bangalore club become rare. However, the break in his playing career did not last long. A year and a half later, he returns to the big sport, becoming an integral part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

In 2015, Virat Kohli plays in the Indian national team at the World Cup, scoring a hundred in the first match against Pakistan. Despite the fact that the Indian national team still dropped out of the tournament, Kohli has established himself as one of the best batsmen in the ODI format. The following year, Chiku was one step away from realizing his most cherished dream, to become the T20 world champion with the Indian national team. However, a number of failures in the middle tier brought all hopes for the long-awaited title to naught.

The beginning of a sports career in tests took place for Kohli in a calm rhythm. However, his records and achievements in this format were not long in coming. In 2017, Chiku earned the title of the first batsman to score 4 hundreds in four consecutive series in tests.

When Virat Kohli became captain of India?

In 2015, another landmark event in Virat Kohli’s sports career took place. The legendary Mahendra Dhoni left the big sport, and Virat took the place of captain of the national team. Already with the rank of captain of the national team, he and his team won the series against the Sri Lankan national team. By the way, the Indians have been striving for this success for 22 long years. Moreover, in the first test, the Indian national team lost, but managed to take revenge, winning the series with a score of 2-1. After the success in the test against Sri Lanka, it was the turn to show the strength of the Indian national team in the test against South Africa. The score in the series is 3-0.

Technique and skill

Over the years of his professional career, Virat has turned into a true master of the “chase”. At the same time, the results were achieved with a limited number of “overs”. His phenomenal achievements in games with 50 overs are well known to everyone. However, his achievements lacked knockouts at the World Championships. In the ODI format, Kohli managed to reach a score of 60 hundreds. In terms of the number of centuries scored, he is very close to breaking the record of the legendary Tendulkar.

Virat Kohli’s achievements in cricket

As a teenager, Virat already played for the Indian U-19 national team. In 2008, he and the team became world champions in the youth national teams format.

His adult career begins after Kohli made his debut for the Indian national team in a match against Sri Lanka in 2008. Virat currently has 35 ODI hundreds and a number of other impressive achievements. The record game was against Pakistan in 2012, when the “King” scored 183 points.

The legendary cricketer is also known for his success in test matches. His score is 50 points, 17 centuries and 14 half-centuries in 59 tests. At the beginning of 2019, Virat Kohli was recognized as the best player with the bat, both in the ODI format and in tests.

Why Virat Kohli is captain of India?

Along with his achievements in cricket, Kohli’s ability to lead the national team on the field is amazing. Moreover, his captaincy duties were equally successful in matches of all formats, both in ODI and in tests. Despite the fact that under Virat’s leadership, the Indian cricket team has not yet managed to achieve serious success in major tournaments, the Indian national team regularly occupies leading positions in the rankings, both in tests and in the ODI format.

Virat Kohli has the highest percentage of successful matches in tests as captain of the national team. The last triumph of the national team under his leadership was a 2-1 test series victory against Australia.
In 2018, the popular tabloid Time ranked the Indian cricketer among the 100 most influential people in the world. For his services to the world of sports, Kohli was awarded the highest sports award in India, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna.


The highest ranking points in the ICC for an Indian batsman are 937. In the ODI format, Kohli has 911 points and the first place in the ranking. In the T20I format, he has 897 points and the first place in the ranking. The information is relevant for 2018.

  • The most productive player who scored 2000 runs in the T20I format
  • The best batsman who managed to score 500 points in a bilateral ODI series (series against South Africa in 2017-18)
  • Virat Kohli has the most consecutive test wins (9) as captain.
  • In 2018, Kohli was recognized as the fastest batsman with 10,000 one-day runs in 205 innings. The previous record of 10,000 runs in 259 innings was held by Sachin Tendulkar.
  • In 2020, according to a survey of journalists and cricket experts, Virat Kohli was recognized as the ICC ODI Player of the Decade.

Virat Kohli’s incredible success and talent at World Cup Cricket 2023

Virat Kohli cemented his status as a cricket star at the 2023 World Cup by scoring 765 runs in 11 innings. This will allow him to make a new record. Thanks to him, the Indian national team reached the final.

Another important achievement of Kohli as a key player was the 50th ODI century. The event took place in the decisive match against New Zealand. Now all the questions about who is the best captain have disappeared by themselves. Throughout the tournament, the leader of the Indian national team showed a high level of strategy in every match.

Virat Kohli’s Century Against Bangladesh

Kohli’s seven-wicket victory was the result of 103 runs from 97 balls. He also helped the team when Hardik Pandya got injured. He sent off three innings and showed his diverse cricket game. Kohli’s century in this game proved the high skill of match planning.

A dramatic victory over Australia

The leader of the Indian national team made a significant contribution to the difficult six-wicket victory over Australia. 85 of the 116 goals were difficult, but important for the result. Kohli, along with KL Rahul, has made an undeniable contribution to a series of winless matches.

Other information and facts about Virat Kohli

According to the results of his performances, Virat occupies the 6th position in the ranking of captains of the Indian national team.

Data and other parameters of the cricketer

Zodiac sign Scorpio
Role Batsman (batsman)
Batting Style Right-handed
Bowling style Right hand, Medium size
Nickname Chiku, King Kohli, Running Machine
Anthropometric data Height: 175 cm, Weight: 69 kg

Where did he study?

Kohli started his studies at Vishal Bharti Public School in West Delhi. After school, study at Sumit Dogra Academy.


As part of the ODI on August 18, 2008
In T20I format on June 12, 2010
Test debut on June 20, 2011

Which state is Virat Kohli from?

Delhi Metropolitan Area

Kohli has 80 hundreds in international cricket. Of these, 29 in test cricket, 50 hundreds in One Day Internationals (ODI) and one hundred in Twenty20 Internationals.

Kohli has 7 double centuries in Test matches

Virat Kohli earned 50 hundreds in one-day ODI tournaments.

Virat Kohli earned only one hundred in the T20 format. It happened in November 2023. For such a popular sportsman, it was a landmark achievement in his career.

Kohli has earned 29 hundreds in T20I test matches during his career

Kohli’s record is 10,000 one-day runs in 205 innings

Why is Virat Kohli not playing today?

Virat Kohli will not participate in the upcoming matches of the white ball T20I tournament for an “indefinite period”. The player motivated his decision by the fact that he needed time to restore his optimal form. It is planned that the Indian national team will begin its tour of South Africa with the T20 International tournament in Durban, which starts on December 10.

What kind of water does Virat Kohli drink?

Many things from the everyday life of the legendary player are of interest to his fans. In particular, many people are interested in what kind of water Virat Kohli uses. Answer. The player has been preferring drinking water of the Evian brand for 10 years.

When will Virat Kohli retire?

Before the start of the 14th Indian Premier League Championship, Virat Kohli announced that this is the final season in his sports career as a player and captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore. The former club captain has 140 matches played behind his back, 66 of which were won. Virat announced his decision to leave at a press conference before the start of the IPL auction.

However, the Royal Challengers Bangalore club again paid 15 crore Indian rupees for him. So the former captain remains as a player of his native team.

Which company does Virat Kohli own?

The One8 brand, which Virat Kohli owns together with Puma, has an annual revenue of 185 crores. The highly paid athlete is a co-owner (25% of shares) of the Goa Football Club, which plays in the Indian Football Super League. The legendary cricketer owns the ITPL UAE Royals tennis club.

This famous athlete also has Nueva Restaurant and One8 restaurant, which operates in Delhi. In addition to the restaurant business, he owns a chain of gyms “Chysel Gym and Fitness Center”.

Virat Kohli's family foto

Kohli’s family and relatives

The Kohli family is popular among cricket fans and fans. This is a national legend, people are watching his personal life every minute.

What is the name of Virat Kohli’s wife?

In December 2017, Virat Kohli married Bollywood film actress Anushka Sharma. Their acquaintance was not accidental and they formed a solid family.

Who are his brother and sister?

Virat Kohli has a brother Vikas Kohli and a sister Bhavna Kohli Dhingra

What’s his daughter’s name?

In 2021, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma had a daughter, who was named Vamika.

How much does Kohli earn on Instagram?

Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and Twitter are popular social media sites where the legendary cricketer has 134 million followers. His daily income from Instagram posts is up to 1,500 USD.
Worldwide fame has provided the cricketer with numerous major contracts with such well-known brands as Audi, Hero, MRF, Puma and Valvoline. The total revenue from the franchise with advertising is about 20 million USD.

What is the salary of Virat Kohli?

According to the ICC and many insider sources, Virat Kohli has an annual income of 69 million 036 thousand 939 INR. Each month, the salary of a cricketer at the club and the income from the franchise for the national team is 5 million 753 thousand INR. The total capital of the player is estimated at USD 119 million as of 2023.

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