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A well-known Australian cricket broadcaster and who is also sports commentator, Adam Collins, was born on 15th August 1984. He was born in Victoria, Australia. Collins is a 38-year-old cricket journalist who is very famous in the world of cricket. 

A number of publications have published his work, including The Independent, The Evening Standard, and many others. He also commentated on the World Cup 2019 Final. He has commentated on radio as well as television. 

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Adam Collins: Race, Ethnicity, and Parents

Collins has a very private attitude about his family affairs, which is why there is not much information related to his parents as well as his siblings. He likes to keep his family matters private. 

Though, he is a happily married man. He is married to his deep-rooted significant other, Rachel Gotts. Their wedding was held in a private ceremony with close family and friends. 

Winnie is their beautiful daughter. They live happily in North London. The ethnicity of Adam Collins is Caucasian, he has an Australian identity. 

Adam Collins Education: 

Collins studied at Lyndale Secondary College, located in North Dande Dong. For his higher education, he went to East Aurora High School in New York. The journalist also attended Monash University where he studied History and Politics and was entangled in the Labor Party. 

Adam Collins, Career and Professional Life: 

A journalist and a broadcaster, Adam Collins works in both fields. He was also named the 2020 Cricket Writer Club Christopher Martin-Jenkins Broadcaster of the year. 

Since Collins is a journalist, as stated in the introduction, he has written for different publications such as ABC, The Daily Telegraph, and considerably more. 

Adam Collins worked for federal treasurer Wayne Swan. Additionally, Collins served as a media advisor to the Australian Prime Minister. 

In fact, the broadcaster bought the radio rights for a five-figure sum for his country’s cricket team in the Test Match series against Pakistan. The broadcaster hired Geoff Lemon, Mike Hussey, Brendan Julian, and others as co-commentators. 

Furthermore, Adam Collins additionally performed at the 2012 Paralympic Games along with the London 2012 Olympic Games organizing committees. 

Lastly, in the UK for Sky Television, Adam commented on women’s and men’s One Day Internationals and Test cricket whereas he also featured as a guest on sky television shows such as The Debate, The Cricket Show, and for BBC Breakfast and many more.  

Adam Collins Podcasts: 

Adam is a co-host of the podcast known as The Greatest Season That Was, in which they review the 1999 Cricket World Cup, the Australia-India Cricket Rivalry, the story of the 1993 AFL season, and other stories as well. 

The podcast reached No. 01 on the Australian iTunes sports podcasts in the category of sports. Similarly, during the 2020 lockdown, an audio documentary going by the name of Calling The Shots was released which was a seven-part series that embraced the century-long history of cricket commentary on television and radio. Adam Collins was the co-creator of this series.    

Adam Collins Salary and Net Worth: 

Hence, Adam is a famous journalist and a broadcaster he must have earned quite a hefty amount of money from his career. His career in journaling started in 2015 and since then, he has been active. 

As mentioned above, Collins is very private about his personal affairs, he is yet to unfold his annual salary. Nevertheless, it has been estimated that he earns at least $10,000 to $20,000.  Therefore, it has been revealed that Adam Collins’ Net Worth is $1 Million.  

Adam Collins Body Features, and Facts: 

It has been reported that Adam has undoubtedly an admirable personality. His exact height has not been revealed but he looks like he is at least 6ft tall. 

He has hazel eyes and blonde hair. Collins’ birth sign is Leo, and his lucky number is 5. The journalist is a huge supporter of Hawthorn, the Football Club. He is also the relative of the novelist Joseph Furphy.  

Adam Collins Controversy, and Rumors: 

A journalist is a private person who does not like to be involved in any rumors or controversy. He is busy with his professional and private life, so he does not have the time to be caught up in any kind of controversy. 

Adam Collins Social Media: 

Collins has also been active on social media for a long time. It is estimated that he has 2,600 Followers on Instagram. He is also on Twitter, which has 37k followers. Lastly, he is active on Facebook as well, where he has 3.7k supporters and fans.  

If we look at the followers on all the social media platforms, he has the most followers on Twitter which is because he is mainly active on Twitter. 


Who is the Australian commentator on Sky cricket? 

Adam Collins is the Australian commentator on Sky cricket. 

What achievement in the world of cricket is Adam Collins widely known for? 

‘The 2022 Cricket Writers’ Club Christopher Martin-Jenkins Broadcaster of the year’ was the achievement for which Adam Collins is known.  

Who is considered the voice of cricket? 

The voice of cricket is considered Harsha Bhogle who is an Indian journalist and commentator. 


To sum up, Adam Collins is a cricket journalist and broadcaster. He has published his writings on different platforms such as ABC, The Daily Telegraphy, and others. 

As far as cricket is concerned, he is very famous. He has two podcasts, in one he is the co-creator while in the other he is a co-host. His career in journalism and broadcasting has been very successful. His Net Worth varies from $1M to $2M. The 38-year-old was born in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, and has a wife named Rachel. 

In general, he is known for being a private person who does not disclose most of his private information. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the social media platforms he uses.

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