Discover the Secrets of Cricket: Beginners Guide To Cricket

Cricket is a national sport, and almost every person loves to play cricket. But if you are a beginner and want to learn about cricket, you are surely in the right place. In this Beginners Guide To Cricket, I will tell you everything about cricket, including its basic rules, equipment, and different formated of cricket.

We all have struggled at least once in life, confusing the rules, struggling with the decisions, and ending up saying I don’t understand cricket. So we have gathered some basic information about cricket which will help you understand the game better while watching or even playing with friends.

Beginners Guide To Cricket: Team Formation

  • There are about 11 members in a single team.
  • Like all other games, cricket has two teams playing opposite each other.
  • The game’s main players are batters, bowlers, and all-rounders.

Beginners Guide To Cricket: Equipment Needed

Beginners Guide To Cricket: Equipment Needed

There are a few important pieces of equipment you will need to play cricket, and those equipment are:

  • A cricket cock ball.
  • A bat
  • Stumps or wickets
  • There is a pitch in the center of the ground.

Apart from the types mentioned above, many safety equipments like knee and elbow pads, helmets, and a few basic safety gears are used to protect from severe injuries. So, wear proper safety gear to protect yourself from injuries, including brain damage.

How To Score In Cricket? And Understanding A Score

Beginners Guide To Cricket

The core of the game of cricket is very easy and simple to understand. Two main players are standing between the wickets; one will bat, and the other will bowl. The strip on which both of the main players are standing is called the pitch. The bowler will throw the ball toward the batter, and he should hit the bowl.

If the batter succeeds in hitting the ball, he will start running immediately toward the bowler. Hence the full round of the batter from its place towards the bowler and returning from where he was batting is counted as one run or one point. But make sure to return toward the wicket before the ball.

There are two other ways of scoring; firstly batter gets straight four runs if he hits the ball to the edge of the boundary. Six scores are added to the score sheet if the ball reaches the boundary without touching the ground.

Bowling Penalties Or Extras:

The batting team can also get runs as extras which are scored as the bowling penalties, including:

  1. Wides: If the ball is thrown too far on the left or right side of the batter.
  2. No-balls: If the ball is thrown off the pitch or over the waist, which is illegal in cricket.
  3. Byes: In the case of the batter, run without touching the ball.
  4. Leg-byes: There is another situation in which the ball hits the batsman but not the bat, and he completes his run; some extras are counted.

Ways To Out The Batsman:

Batsmen have two main aims, one is to score as many runs as possible, and the other is to remain on the pitch for as long as possible. Once the batter is out, he should leave the pitch and didn’t get a second chance to bat again. Hence there is five-way through which batters get out:

  1. Bowled: The ball directly hit the stump without touching the bat.
  2. Caught: After hitting the bat fielder catch the ball before touching the ground.
  3. LBW (Leg Before Wicket): In case the batter tries to stop the ball with his body, it Doesn’t matter if it was on purpose or accidental in both cases batter is considered out.
  4. Run-out: While the batsman makes runs, the fielder hits the stumps before completing. There is a marked area around the stumps which is called the crease. The run is completed if the batsman enters this crease before the ball.
  5. Stumped: In this case, the wicketkeeper hits the wicket while the batsman is outside the crease.

What Is The Difference Between Different Formats Of Cricket?

There are three different formats of cricket, and they differ according to the number of overs. Let’s discuss each one by one.

Test cricket:

These matches are played for five days and have four innings, two for each team. One inning is finished when all the 10 or 11 batters get out. In all four innings, the team with most of the runs will win at the end.


As we see in its name, these matches are only played for one day having one inning for each team. This one inning has about 50 overs or as long as all the players are out. Similarly, the team with the most runs will win in the end.


This is the most accessible form of cricket, similar to one day match. But instead of having 50 overs, there are only 20 overs for the innings. And like all the formats mentioned above, the team having more runs will win.


How to win a match?

There are several formats of cricket, and each has different ways to win. But the main of every match is to score more runs in four innings than the opposite team.

What was the old name of cricket?

In the early years of this game, it was called creckett. This name is derived from a middle dutch krick which means a stick.

Which type of clothing do cricket players wear?

In formal matches, different format of matches has different clothing, including white or colored. For a shorter version of matches, colored clothing is now more common as through this colored shirt; they refer to their countries.


So this is all you should mainly know about cricket. This article about Beginners Guide To Cricket contains every basic knowledge about the cricket match. Like all other sports, cricket also has international tournaments in which teams from different countries participate and represent their countries.

In short, cricket is best to play because it’s not only a game, but due to the involvement of your whole body, it is also beneficial for your health. But make sure to maintain safety while playing.

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