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Cricket betting in India and Other Countries: Best 5 offers.

We are glad to welcome you on the cricmod website, and we publish important information about cricket events and how to use them for betting. Sports betting has a large number of fans. Find out how to choose a cricket bookmaker in this article.

The number of cricket fans is growing all over the world. At the same time, the number of people who have a desire to bet on cricket is growing. To do this, there are betting companies with a section of cricket competitions. We have selected information for you on how to bet correctly, taking into account the peculiarities of this sport. We recommend you to learn the basics and tips on betting and how to choose the best bookmaker for cricket.

Let’s look at the basic concepts that are important for betting on cricket. To begin with, you need to know what types of coefficients exist. If you compare cricket with other sports, it comes out on top in popularity. Thanks to the Internet, most players can place bets in real time and choose the most convenient odds for themselves. If you want to improve your knowledge, we recommend reading Cricket Rules And Regulations. This information is useful for beginners and amateurs.

Odds for cricket matches

Consider an example of American coefficients

Mumbai indians +150
Gujarat Titans -210

In this case, the situation is considered here when the Mumbai Indians team wins, and the second team with a negative odd loses. The bet amount is multiplied by this number as a percentage. If you bet $50 on winning the first team, you can win $75.

Decimal odds

If you chose to display odds in decimal format, it means that your bet is multiplied by the specified value. For example, the victory of the selected team has a value of 3.3. Thus, in case of a winning bet, you will be able to increase the bet amount by 3.3 times. If you bet $10, you will get $33. You can check this fact using a calculator and the odd value as a multiplier.

Information about Fractional Odds

Another way to display cricket betting is the Fractional Odds Type. For example, the designation is represented as 4/1 for example. This means that for every bet you make, you will win 4 times. This format is popular in the homeland of cricket, in the UK.

How to bet on cricket in India?

If you choose matches within India, then you have 11 teams to choose from. Decide on your favorite club and choose an interesting bet for you.

A key feature of cricket-oriented betting is the fact that all odds to win differ slightly. It is sometimes very difficult to understand which team will win and which will lose. The factors influencing the result vary greatly. For example, the weather or a game away can play a key role in the success of catching the ball. It is also important to understand which players can make the main score.

If you have doubts, then you should choose another match and prepare more thoroughly. Professional bettors place special bets on an individual player. Such performance is more predictable based on statistics.

Betting on the result of a cricket match is the best way for beginners. But guessing the outcome of the runs in the inning will be an excellent solution for experienced bettors. Many bookmakers allow you to choose the exact number of runs, as well as the value “less” or “more”. In these betting options, it will take time to analyze each individual team.

Separate types of bets can be marked bets on the total number of runs, the total number of innings or on a separate account. Bookmakers allow you to choose a similar total, or wager OVER or UNDER on.

Let’s draw your attention to the classic bet, when a player can predict the result of Coin Toss. Before the start of the match, the referee tosses a coin to determine which team will play first. The sides of the coin are called heads or tails. To date, this type of bet can be made in most betting sites and applications.

We have conducted a review and research for each bookmaker that allows you to bet on cricket. Detailed instructions using the betting app, bonuses and other promotional offers from leading companies. Thanks to the detailed description of how to act, you will always be able to make an effective decision.

Try Live Cricket Betting

If you don’t want to waste time, try Live Cricket Betting in order to get the result on your bet much faster. You don’t have to wait in advance for how this or that match will end. Everything happens during the game between the teams. By choosing a separate over or inner, you can bet on cricket in real time in two clicks.

Test Match Cricket and Betting

If you are already well immersed in the topic, we recommend paying attention to test matches. This is one of the varieties of cricket, when games take place for several days in a row, and hundreds of overs take place on the field. Test cricket matches began their history more than a hundred years ago. Up to 90 overs pass per day until the fully bowled out team is determined. The outcome of such games requires the patience and endurance of both those who play on the field and those users who place bets.

Here is an example of the leading formats of cricket games.
Since this sport has gained popularity only in some countries, we will list the main cricket leagues. Most of the fans, athletes and matches take place in Asia. Let’s start with T20

This is a shortened version of the regular game of cricket. The duration of the match is determined by a limited number of innings. The match takes place all day, and consists of two innings. Each of them has its own team playing the ball.

One-day international competitions and their features

Find out and learn what One Day International is. These are special games in ODI format. Only two innings, and the team hits only once. Some of these games can last for 5 hours or more. Naturally, the number of overs in such a tournament is limited. Usually, this format is used for games between countries.

Important betting advice and odds on cricket

Start your cricket betting today. Choose a league or tournament and determine your favorite team. Carefully study the calendar of matches, and also see which player has proven himself better than others. When you have complete information about the team, your chances of winning will be higher.

Take some time for cricket matches, up to 30 minutes a day, and up to 5 days a week. Thus, you will not get tired of the number of events and your betting skills will gradually improve. We recommend starting with the Indian Premier League teams.

From our observations, we can share this advice. A typical cricket team plays worse at an away match than at home. The support of fans and fans is important for defeating the opponent.

The world of cricket consists of various organizations, both national and international. To learn more about how cricket games are held in which countries and continents, see the article Cricket Tournaments And Leagues. By choosing the type of competition, you will understand how to place a bet effectively.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is the main platform for holding games according to the above rules. 20 teams participate in this tournament, and then the top 12 of them remain. Competitions are held regularly, from year to year. Special regulatory bodies monitor the organization of such games within the established rules.

IPL betting

The Indian Premier Cricket League was founded in 2008 and ranked second in popularity among its own kind. A lot of fans and bright matches that have gained popularity around the world. The second official name is written like this: Vivo Indian Premier League. Competitions are held between 8 teams every year in the spring. It should be noted that IPL is very popular among bettors, as higher odds are used in its matches.

Pakistan Super League PSL and its features

If you are interested in cricket, then you cannot ignore the Pakistan Super League. Matches are held annually in the winter after the New Year. In total, 6 teams play cricket, which are recognized as the best. Due to the high level of professionalism, the statistics of the games of this league are interesting for betting.


Administrator Pakistan Cricket Board
Number of teams6
Game formatT20 men’s cricket
Squadseven players from Pakistan, the rest may be from other countries.

By choosing your three favorite bookmakers, you will be able to make excellent use of bonuses and other promotional offers for successful cricket betting. All the presented betting companies offer comfortable conditions and a complete list of bets on any cricket events. We have conducted several studies and reviews on the best offers for new and already registered users.

Top 5 best bookmakers for cricket

Now it’s time to consider the top 5 leading bookmakers. We have selected those companies that provide the best conditions and support for players from all over the world.

  1. 1xBet
  2. PariMatch
  3. 1Win
  4. Betwinner
  5. Melbet

We suggest you try to register with 1xBet Promo Code to get an exclusive bonus for betting on cricket. We put this bookmaker in the first place in our rating. It is he who is the most popular in Asia. Reliable payouts and big winnings will please any bettor.

Cricket Betting Forecasts and Strategies

If you are guided by predictions and forecasts in your cricket betting, we recommend using 2-3 predictions. It is necessary to compare them, highlight common data. After such a check, you will be closer to the winning result. At the same time, you should have your own personal opinion on each team and match. In the course of constant analysis of your actions, you will improve your skills.

Cricket Betting Forecasts And Strategies

Before choosing a cricket bookmaker, you should study all available payment methods. This will avoid high fees and timely deposit and withdrawal of funds. Many betting companies offer cashback for various actions. For example, cashback for a series of unsuccessful bets or encouragement for regular activity on the site.

Despite the simplicity of decision-making, be careful and stick to the responsible game.

Which betting site is best for IPL?

From my experience, I can say that IPL betting sites can be represented as follows:

  • Melbet. Reliable and legal bookmaker throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • 1xBet. Impeccable Leader in Cricket Betting in India with Live Streaming
  • Parimatch. A unique freebet and a great history of work in betting
  • Mostbet. A good alternative for fans of IPL, BPL, PSL
  • 4raBet. A bookmaker focused solely on cricket sports events

Choose the platform that best meets your cricket betting needs. Before registering, you should familiarize yourself with the rules that will allow you to safely create an account. Each of these betting sites offers special bonuses and other promotional offers.

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