Cricket Tournaments

Cricket Tournaments and Leagues

Cricket is one of the most thrilling sports, almost everyone loves it, and some cricket-loving nations are also playing it. The ICC World Cricket League has five divisions. Each division has six teams, except for ICC WCL Division 5, which has eight.

Cricket has almost three different game formats at the highest level: Test Cricket, One Day International Cricket, and Twenty20 International Cricket.

Best Cricket Tournaments and Leagues

Cricket is one of the most exciting events in the history of sports. It has some amazing and exciting tournaments, and some of them are discussed below:

  1. ICC Cricket world cup
  2. ICC Championship trophy
  3. Ashes Series
  4. T20 World Cup
  5.  Asia Cup
  6. IPL
  7. PSL

ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup

It is one of the biggest tournaments every four years and is also home to the best match in the world cup. The event has four stages. The team put all their efforts, hard work, and all energy into it to win the title.

It will soon happen in 2023 and will be the 13th edition of men in ICC justice world mug 2023. India hosts it in October and November, where ten brigades will perform. Former editions were also hosted in India but were partial in 1987, 1996, and 2011.

 But, this will be the first-ever event of the ICC justice world mug that will be played in India. This event was about to be played in February and March, but latterly on, it was decided in July 2022 to delay the event till October and November. 

ICC Championship trophy

It is also one of cricket’s most popular and successful events. Its first edition was held in 1998 in ODI format. The most successful teams of this event are India and Australia.

Ashes Series

The Ashes is also one of the most famous series of two nations, two continents between England and Australia. There is a great story behind it: England’s defeat against the Aussies in 1882. Australia also promises to pledge that they will take the Ashes title with them and win the next series. It is played in Test cricket format, and Australia is the victorious team.

 T20 World Cup

 T20 World Cup

It is one of the most famous cups across the globe. All the teams are playing it after almost two years. Its first edition was played in 2007, which South Africa won. It is one of the most successful teams in this tournament in England.

The T20 world cup 2022 was also won by England after defeating Pakistan in the finals by great batting. Although Pakistan has few world-class bowlers but still, England beat Pakistan. However, all the teams put their efforts into winning the title for themselves and their country.

Asia Cup

Asia Cup

Asia cup started in 1984 and was held in UAE. Another important thing to know about the Asia cup is that the One-day international format was played but later changed in 2016. It was played in the T20 form in 2016, and the Asian cricket council decided that One day international and Twenty-20 will be played alternatively.

The most successful team of the tournament was India which won almost seven titles which is indeed a considerable achievement. India won its first edition in 1984, played in a One-day International format, then in 2018.

They succeeded in 2018 against Bangladesh, where both teams played very well till the end and faced each other in UAE in the finals. Then India defeated Bangladesh by almost three wickets and became the champions again. Shikhar Dhawan became a man of the match because of his brilliant performance and continuous efforts to become victorious.



‘IPL’ (Indian Premiere League) is a tournament that unites Youngsters and plays in a T20 format. It is known internationally, As many of the International Player and Indian Player squads in which most matches get very exciting as it combines glory, glamour, and everything.

The tournament lasts for two months, and every season has news. Its first edition was played in 2008, and the most successful team in Mumbai Indians.



It is another internationally known league played by International and Pakistani players. In a short time, it has reached the highest level of success because of thrill and fun. Pakistan super league is played between almost six teams in the T20 format.

At the same time, the most successful team is Islamabad United, which has won two titles. At the same time, the current champions are Lahore Qalandars, who won the title in 2022.

Which Is The Most Richest League In The World?

The Indian Premier League is the richest cricket league in the world. Per the 2022 Mega Auction & Retention, the IPL paid its players a whopping $116,339,000 combined for its 234 players who play for their ten franchise teams in a three-month season.

Which Players played in the ICC Cricket world cups the most?

 Following are the player who played in the world cups the most:

  1. SR Tendulkar (INDIA)
  2. DPMD Jayawardene (SL)
  3. M Muralitharan (SL)

What are the top 5 T20 leagues in the world?

Following are the top 5 T20 leagues in the world:

  • Indian Premiere League IPL
  • Tamil Nadu premier league (TNPL)
  • Karnataka Premier League
  • Big Bash League (BBL)
  • Global T20 Canada


You might know that almost everyone loves to enjoy and play cricket, and all the nations are ready to watch it all the time. People are primarily interested in protecting T20 formats, so almost all the leagues are now in T20 form. Plenty of leagues are happening now all over the world, and people are enjoying them. You can find out more about the best cricket leagues in our review. Follow our updates to keep up to date with important events of the IPL, PSL, BPL.

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