Cricket Strategies And Tactics

If the team wants to win the match, they need cricket strategies and tactics. Every team has strategies and tactics to beat the defending team. It’s all upon the team members to plan perfect strategies and tactics that will help them defeat the opposite team during the game.

These tactics play a major role in the player’s life as a secret weapon. That is why players should choose the right strategies to give their best.

Cricket Strategies And Tactics

Difference Between Cricket Strategies And Tactics:

The cricket strategy and cricket tactics are two different actions. Both are designed to help the players win the game and defeat the opponents. The difference between these two are given below:

Cricket Strategy:

A planned action designed to achieve a cricket goal is called cricket strategy. This planning is always scheduled for a long time or followed throughout the match. There are always uncertain risks and circumstances during the game, so you should plan the strategies accordingly.

Cricket Tactics:

Cricket tactics are also a plan or action followed to achieve cricket goals but keep in mind that tactics are short-term plans. So this can be changed in each over according to the present situation.

Win The Toss So You Can Win The Match:

Toss is always an important part of the game because the match will completely depend on the toss winner. If the captain wins the toss, he will get the chance to choose whether they want to bat or field. It may sound very easy to win the match but remember that it is your first step to winning the game.

As you win the toss, you can now choose what you want to do according to the requirements or match conditions. This is the reason why every captain wants to win the toss.

But winning the toss isn’t enough later; it is a big responsibility for the captain to choose the right option, as the situation will depend on the captain’s choice. If your team wants to win the match, you should understand every strategy and tactic of cricket.

As a captain, always talk and prepare your team members and discuss all the strategies and tactics before the toss. But if you win the toss, it will completely change your game plan.

Factors Affecting Strategies And Tactics:

Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions can spoil the whole game. That’s why a captain should be updated about bad weather. Hence the team should plan all cricket strategies and tactics for the weather in the future.

If there are any precipitations, they can disturb the players because they can destroy the pitch completely. We all know it’s difficult to play on a bad pitch. Due to rain, batters face difficulty in hitting the ball.

Changing the weather is impossible, but it is better to plan the cricket tactics accordingly. A captain should have proper knowledge about the weather as it is not easy to judge the weather while playing.

If the captain is an expert in guessing the weather, he can plan the correct strategies and tactics to win the game.

Cricket Format:

There are three different formats of cricket:

  • T-20
  • One-day cricket
  • Test Cricket

A captain’s responsibility is to plan the cricket tactics according to the format. People love to watch T-20 cricket because it is limited over the match and ends very soon. Hence the captain should be able to change the cricket tactics and strategies according to the game format.

Other than that, one-day cricket and test matches have strategies and tactics that should be followed accordingly.

Field positions:

A good field position can pressure a batter even when he’s an expert in his game. Always try to place the fielders in the position to catch the ball and put possible pressure on the batter.

Hence the fielders placed in the right position can easily get out the batter and cover the runs scored by the opposite team. There are two different types of fields; defensive and attacking field.

cricket Tactics And Techniques for Batting

If you want to make a successful career in batting, you should follow the tips given below:

  • Comfortable grip and stance.
  • Keep an eye on the ball from the bawler’s hand.
  • Your back or forward movement will depend on the ball.
  • Keep yourself balanced.
  • Try to keep the ball on the ground.
  • Always try to play straight.
  • To rotate the strike, always keep your eye on singles.

cricket Tactics And Techniques for Bowling

You will use different tactics and strategies while bowling to stop the batter from making high run scores. As a fast bowler, always attack the leg stamp, which means you will target the batter’s legs or leg stumps.

The batter should play these balls; otherwise, they will get bowled or LBW. Hence this technique will let the batsman protect their legs and leave the other side of the wicket unprotected. Later you can aim the wicket to out the batter.


Why are techniques important in cricket?

Different techniques are important in cricket as they help create proper timing and rhythm in the batting techniques. Even when you are not using perfect techniques, you can still hit constantly, but the important thing is to have a good backlift.

How do techniques affect the player’s performance?

If the player uses poor techniques, it can result in higher injury rates. On the other hand, if a player follows good techniques, it will protect him from injury and gives a better performance.

What is the most important tip in cricket?

Always stand against the bowler with your shoulders apart. Keep your back straight, bend your hips, and point your non-dominant shoulder toward the bowler when ready to hit. Always keep your eyes on the ball to make a perfect hit.


Whether you win the match or loosen it depends on your cricket strategies and tactics. But the captain should plan each strategy or tactic accordingly because these terms are different. However, there are various factors you should consider before planning your strategy or tactics. If you have the right plan for your next match, it will help you win.

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